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  • It's A Mad World.
    29.6K 1.2K 1


  • Red Paper Lanterns
    1.2K 84 1

  • belonging.
    2.1K 54 1

  • Today I went to Heaven
    47.8K 2.2K 2

    What if our own foolishness took away the life of someone we loved? Giving a face to the person in the other car, this is a short story poem about a young girl being taken before her time and how it happened.

  • Silence.
    94.4K 3.5K 15

    I will continue to add poems here, gradually.

  • A Love Letter to my Best Friend
    111K 3.8K 1

    I am the man who you met at the party. The one you talked with, laughed with, the man you went home with. I am the man you chatted with all night on your couch, the man who didn't touch you.

  • Did You Notice?
    145K 5.6K 26

    This is a small compilation of poems I write at night, which is mostly when I'm most creative. Topics can vary throughout the book, but I really do hope you guys enjoy it.

  • I'm the Girl
    93.2K 7.8K 1

    Are you The Girl?

  • Pleiades Poems
    2.5K 35 5

  • Fatty Me
    55.7K 3.5K 2

  • Perfectly Me.
    56.9K 2K 1

  • Comatose
    8.2K 414 1

    For years I have been wrongly trapped, In a place even the minds cannot adapt, Not dead nor alive but stuck in between, A haunted nightmare and a lifeless dream.

  • Seeds of Change
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  • You Didn't
    237K 11K 1

    A short-story poem to remember him and his legacy. <3

  • Herban Poetry
    107K 6.7K 50

    A small but ever-growing collection of original poetry from the mind of a 19 year old pothead. This is home to a large range of thoughts, feelings, and ideas that cloud my head in poetry form.

  • Doctor! Doctor! (Poetry)
    7.5K 128 1

    A bit of an lol - a comedy about a favourite Doctor of mine!! :o)

  • A Call to Arms (Please Hold)
    1.7K 46 1

    A humorous poem about the importance we place on office jobs.

  • ?
    123K 6.3K 44

    ******WARNING: ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND POINTLESS****** You'll never believe the twists on these poems! Check out The Most Hilarious Interactive Poetry serious of all time!

  • Dew Drops (poetry collection)
    8.2K 306 16

    This is colletion of poems that are written to appreciate the wonderful beauty of nature. The freshness of nature that pours in us an energy is something no one can help but love to experience. Be it the rain drops or the felling trees these poems will leave you thinking is what i have tried.

  • Leaving Ireland
    3.5K 140 1

    A small poem set on the awful days of the Irish famine.

    3.9K 305 23

    Liminal living; these things are not for the weak of heart.

  • Poems from the Tower (WP Official Pocket Poetry List)
    14K 814 35

    I used to write poetry a long time ago. Poems from the Tower is compendium of dreams of love, sorrow and despair. Fantasy and reality converge in these verses to create this collection of poetry, in my attempt to purge away some feelings.

  • Expressive Mind
    1.6K 72 1

    Expressive mind focuses on the ideals of how we can be physically stationary but our thoughts are running miles. The context of this poem is to show how much we really aren't focusing but our minds are doing what they do regularly which is creating.