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  • Brothers best friend (Myles parrish )
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    Hii, I'm Natalie white. My brother is kalin white, I'm a youtuber , and I have a crush on Myles. I know crazy having a crush on my brothers best friend. Well bye! We are at Disney land with some YouTubers .

  • Petals In The Wind - a Myles Parrish story
    7.8K 290 20

    *I was really excited for our date, but for the record, I swear I didn't know. I didn't know it would break up a friendship. I didn't know it would end a relationship. Hand on the bible, I didn't know the price of dating your enemy's best friend. Or the outcome of switching teams.* As Mirlana and Myles set of on a jou...

  • Main Chick (Kalin White <3)
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    Cassie was a normal girl, abused by her boyfriend. Realizing her abusive boyfriend was causing her to be unhealthy, and she ran away. She found herself living with a total stranger, who is making her pay his bills in order for her to stay. Will this random stranger be faithful, or turn out to be a total fake?

  • Bad boy ( Kalin white)
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    " I only take real love Allison, Welcome to my world." he said placing a kiss on my neck.

  • Bestfriends?? Myles Parrish
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    Alana and Myles have been best friends since they were in diapers . Will they fall in love ... You'll just have to read and find out

    Completed   Mature
  • Kalin or Myles
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    Lexi a.k.a. LOX is in Magcon but, Kalin and Myles asked her to join with them. Kalin and Myles notice that the both likes her but, who does she has to choose Kalin or Myles?

  • Hope . ( Myles Parrish Story)
    8.3K 171 14

    When Jayleiohnny Moves to California , she runs into A Boy Myles Parrish .

  • Right By My Side
    65.7K 1.3K 41

    Kylee-Rose Claire is a very known fangirl on twitter that is in love with Kalin and Myles, so when they ask her to go on tour with them her life will change completely.

  • Claire(A Myles Parrish FanFiction)
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    Claire Janelle Williams is a junior in high school in Los Angeles, California. After losing her father, who was murdered, her mother, Diana marries a man named Josh, who does drugs and alcohol. Diana is very rich. She has business trips every other month. When Diana and goes on her 6th business trip, Josh rapes Claire...

  • Crazy for you
    3.4K 174 18

    Just a couple of friends from the bay.

  • Accidentally In Love • Myles Parrish #Wattys2015
    22.4K 483 21

    Carissa Simmons is having a hard time accepting anyone in her life. Especially after her best friend died. She refused to leave her house unless it was for work and refused to talk to anyone but her mom. Some days he would visit Asha's (best friend) grave and talk to her. Sometimes cry or even stay. All that changed w...

  • life style []
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  • Kalin, Myles, and Leilani
    5.5K 247 25

    Sup! I'm leilani! I'm Kalin's little sister. This summer I went to go visit him. He's the best big brother! I love his and Myles's music. He introduces me to his best friend Myles. And my whole life changes.

  • Let Me Love You (A Myles Parrish fanfic)
    1.2K 34 3

    Kristina is girl who has had many broken hearts in the past and is very hesitant to love, but will a boy named Myles swoop into her life and change her entire out look on love?

  • The Parrish Brothers
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    LOST lôst,läst // adjective 1. unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts.

  • Why Me? ( Kalin White )
    48.2K 938 26

    Brianna just moved to a new neighborhood. And she is babysitting to make money. But she dosnt know that the little girl she is babysittings, the girls brother is Kalin White. What's going to happen.

  • More Than Friends (Kalin and Myles Story)
    293K 4.6K 56

    Carly and Kalin are best friends, but could their 18 year long friendship turn into something more?

  • Forever Yours (Kalin and Myles Love Story)
    5.7K 147 6

    Kalin and Myles and are bestfriends, also known as "hotties of the school", they are both pretty good friends with Jake ( Myles' brother). Cassandra and Kylie are bestfriends also. Cassandra has a crush on Myles but she started talking to Kalin and he develops a crush on Cassandra. What will happen next? Keep reading...

  • Kam Fam
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    Fan Fiction Kalin and Myles r the best^-^This story is about 2 girls who got bullied, but then their lives changed.

  • Stay With Me (A Myles Parrish Fanfiction)
    6.7K 118 16

    Georgia Walsh is a 17 year old girl.She has a number of best friends but the top two are names Kalin and Myles. Will Georgia and Myles survive in a horrible car cash?Will they stay together?Will Myles Cheat?Read on to find out what will happen!

  • Girlfriend *Myles Parrish love story*
    10.2K 201 10

    Meelz and Rachel..... See what happens❤️

  • A Fairy-Tale's Reality (A Kalin and Myles fanfic) ✖️DISCONTINUED✖️
    6.6K 131 18

    ✖️DISCONTINUED✖️ fair·y tale; a children's story about magical and imaginary beings and lands. a fabricated story, especially one intended to deceive As a child we were told magical tales about princesses, princes, knights, fairies, dragons, etc. The princes were always the saviors, they wore shiny silver armor and ro...

  • stay with me ( m.p )
    85.5K 1.4K 73

    Elizabeth & Malia are finally done with school . Jakeeyp is their best friend . They go to his party and Elizabeth is set on the one and only Myles Parrish . Elizabeth has a past , she never thought to relive again . Will Myles be that person to change her point of view of just make it worse ? There will be tests . Wi...

  • Celebrity Love (a Kalin White Love Story
    1.5K 36 9

    See what happens when Summer Graham falls for Kalin White

  • Just a fan or more? (Myles Parrish fanfic)
    8.2K 221 9

    Read and find out. (:

  • I Don't Want Anything To Change (Myles Parrish FanFiction)
    7.9K 230 16

    Myles Parrish Is The Most Popular Guy In School, Along With Kalin White, Jake Parrish, And Cam Fairfax. Myles Gets All The Girls. Zara Williams Is The Most Popular Girl In School And She Is In Love With Myles. But When The Most Beautiful New Girl In School Named Stephanie Ngauv Moves In, Myles INSTANTLY Falls In Love...

  • Myles Parrish. (Kalin and Myles)
    10.9K 214 6

    Wylie Baskerman is your average tenager. average grades average social life. shes always thought her life would be average until she meets a boy named Myles. Myles Parrish.

  • Fuck Buddies (Myles Parrish)
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    What would you do if you had An opportunity to be Fuck buddies with someone as hot as Myles Parrish?? (Rated R)

  • Just A Fan or More? (Myles Parrish story!)
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    Alexis is a die hard Kalin and Myles fan!!!! She and her best friend gets the chance to finally meet them after going to all the concerts they can. She and Myles meet and it goes from there!!