affectueux's Reading List

  • Bare Feet
    • sKandal
    • 11 parts
    1.3K 46

    ❝now I've traveled across the ocean, with the same shoes just longer hair❞

  • Astoria ( watty awards '13 winner / editing / harry potter fan fiction )
    • Diagonas
    • 18 parts
    • Updated 3 months ago
    113K 1.1K

    Her name was Astoria Greengrass, she was shadowed by the secrets she'd buried behind her. His name was Draco Malfoy, he was haunted by the images he'd surround...

  • Beautiful Monster
    • Dazzlinbib
    • 22 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    40.1K 1.5K

    Melissa had been maltreated and used by her father when she was 15. One year later after she fled the abominable hell she lived in, she was adopted by a rich f...

  • Empress of Disaster. (ON HOLD)
    • ChaeWinacott
    • 11 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    1.8K 121

    Senya, short for Senyalie, is a dark empress in a land unimaginable to mere humans. She is a nineteen year old girl whom was born into the royalty and life sty...

  • You Had Me At Hello
    • NaiMSH
    • 6 parts
    • Updated a year ago
    2.9K 105

    Mercy Brown is known to be quiet a character: Stubborn, loud and just a handful. Moving to Seattle after her parent’s death, Mercy starts a boarding school. Q...