CharlzJade's Reading List

  • The Hunger Games
    • lenagurrl
    • 18 parts
    2.4M 34.3K

    What would have happened if Katniss didn't take Prim's spot in The Hunger Games? Would anything be any different? Would a new story unfold? This is my version...

  • Truth or dare after breaking Dawn
    • beckie2009i
    • 20 parts
    • Updated 2 months ago
    40.8K 301

    What would happen if all the Cullens played Truth or Dare?

  • Cullen Truth or Dare
    • LexiiHoranStyles
    • 33 parts
    171K 3.5K

    When Emmett decides to play truth or dare the Cullen family and Jake do crazy stuff

  • You
    • FramingHanley4ever
    • 16 parts
    6.7K 155

    Nyx Fields is just your average 21 year old, with a healthy obsession for a band. One day, her friend Mira runs up to her with two tickets to see Framing Hanle...

  • Supernova [Breaking Dawn continued]
    • mazegirl
    • 14 parts
    26.8K 227

    *FINISHED!* What happens after the story ends? Parties, danger, and newfound love. A continuation of Breaking Dawn.

  • The Cullen Mens' Worst Nightmare
    • BeaversOfJustice
    • 2 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    7.4K 153

    What happens when the Cullen Men are out hunting when Edward gets a life-changing phone call? While Bella is still human, the female Cullens get transformed in...

  • Forever Dawn
    • K_writer1
    • 17 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    32.3K 226

    *Update-I'm really excited-I've almost reached two very important milestones with this story-30 pages on Wattpad & 100 pages on word! Forever Dawn is my Seque...

  • Andy Biersack set my world on fire
    • LynzLion
    • 4 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    2K 28

    Its not often you come face to face with your hero. Especially not one that has millions of girls who would do anything just to breath the same air as him. Whe...