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  • Elsewhere [boyxboy]
    38.9K 1.3K 11

    Nota comes from Elsewhere. He's been away for a year and things have changed. Now Elsewhere has forced its presence into the human world, along with a suddenly unwelcome visitor from Nota's past...

  • Homelessly In Love
    206K 6.4K 12

    Cameron White is an 18-year-old homeless boy. When he was just fifteen his parents found out he was gay and though his mother still loved him, she couldn't go against his father when he kicked him out of the house. He lives in the alley between Parker Industries and the grocery store. All he has are the clothes on hi...

  • He calls me Puzzle [BoyXBoy]
    20.4K 644 3

    Puzzle is a normal ten month old cat. All he needs is food, love, sleep and play time. But he knows he needs more than that, Matthew is his owner and Puzzle is in love with that human boy. All Puzzle wants is to be a human, so he could be together with the human that he loves. So when a woman gives him five weeks as a...

  • My Guardian Angel Loves Me...(boyxboy)
    56.6K 1.3K 5

    Jaydon hasn't had it easy from the time he witnessed his little brother die. He deals with parents who blame him and with a school full of people who hate him for being gay. Angel has watched over Jayden since..well forever and he has loved him for almost as long. He's Jaydon's Guardian Angel, always watching with on...

  • Danny and Olivier (II)
    76K 2.9K 17

    **Sequel to Danny and Olivier. It’s been three years since Danny and Olivier cut things off, and now, Danny’s back in town. He wants to reconnect with Olivier and explain why things were, but he can’t find the words that he needs to say. Olivier’s changed quite a bit since Danny broke things off— he’s published a book...

  • Silver (BoyxBoy)
    97.2K 2.2K 27

    Blaire "I-don't-have-a-last-name" is an orphan. A lonely little boy. To make things more extravagant, he's gay and proud, very flamboyant, and enjoys making people squirm. He's constantly tossed place-to-place, until he reaches the Redwood Manor, where orphans and delinquents alike go to 'camp.' Grayson Von Reuben is...

  • Gotta Catch Him! (BoyXBoy)
    57.1K 1.6K 6

    Riley is gay, awkward, and dramatic. He lives an average life--until his stupid best friends force him to go after this psychopath guy that everyone calls Leatherface! gahhhh! He doesn't want to date Leatherface! So are they going to end up together anyway? Does Riley end up having feelings for this 10 foot tall monst...

  • Just like a crow teasing a butterfly (boyxboy)
    57K 1K 28

    Nathan is 17 years old, and he's bullied because he suffers from a bladder weakness. Also, he's gay. What will happen though, when he finally gets a roommate, who doesn't mind being his friend? Finally getting a friend opens opportunities for Nathan, in which he'll dare to make more! This is the story about how Nathan...