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  • Anything Goes
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    " Remember It Anything Goes Night Tonight." Max whispered in her ear. Yea she did remember and this time she would do it to.Instead of staying home and drinking herself away while her boyfriend was getting it on with someone else, but this time she would join ant it would really be Anything Goes Night

  • Getting Nerdy
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    Liana Dawson is picked on...bullied and well any mean thing you could think of, wasn't her fault how she they treated her right? And besides it was just highschool, but she wants a change all to prove a point? Maybe its a good idea lets see how they like it there own medicine...With her bestfriend at her side would it...

  • Promise
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    Life was heartbroken when she found out her boyfriend cheated on her, and vowed never to love again, well she did, and not just with anyone her ex's brother even though she vowed not ever fall in love again, it was hard not to fall for his good looks, charm, and smile just like the other girls who swoons after him let...

  • What's in itr me? ( ON HOLD)
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    Love? Lust....Family Something Everyone Want's But Some Will NEVER Have.Cory Burgh is one of those people his parents died when he was 8 years old. Having no trace of any other family member, he turned out being an orphan. Years passed on but Cory hasn't. What's The Point Of Living If You Have No One To Share Your Lif...

  • A and D (PUBLISHED)
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    "He's a jock. I'm not. He's popular. I'm not. He's good-looking. I'm not. And have I mentioned that we're the best of friends? So he loves me... as a friend. Too bad, because I don't just love him. I'm in love with him." -Dakota Evans ____________ Dakota's sarcastic, Aaron isn't. Aaron's a morning person, Dakota most...