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  • A Different Breed (Completed)
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    "I don't know. Y-you just....make me nervous I guess." he looked away from her intent gaze feeling pretty pathetic. She grabbed his face between her hands and looked deeply into his brown eyes. She knew he was nervous, she could see it behind his stare. "It's alright because..." she spoke softly "You make me feel spec...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mystery // Lucas Coly
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    "I can be a lone wolf with you." "Well that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?" ********************************************** He was so alluring to the girl, and the more he lured her in the harder it became to escape. She didn't know why she found his lack of emotion...

  • ThaDiamondz Imagines《Completed》
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    Willgotthejuice Donte macc Lucas coly Dillyn troy Vier Just ask for one Funny Freaky Sad Break up Romantic

    Completed   Mature
  • Down In The DM || Lucas Coly Fanfiction (Urban)
    27.5K 979 11

    Hi, my name is Rhyanna Anderson, I'm 17 years old and I live in Altanta. I go to Southbrooke High School and that's where I met Lucas. "So, you're Lucas, right?" "Yeah, but you can call me Daddy" he winked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucas Coly is the school's player. He is undeniably hot and girls are constan...

  • Hidden Behind My Pride
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    Just a typical school nerd being bullied by the popular kids. © 2015-2016 All Rights Reserved

  • Selfish ~ Trevor Jackson
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    Deanna Rihanna Mayers grew up in the projects of Brooklyn with five brothers and two sisters. She was the baby of her family and immediately that sounds like she got everything she wanted right? Guess again. When she turned 13 years old she fell in love with music after watching American Idol for the very first time...