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  • The Silence
    125K 1.5K 5


  • Surviving the McLane Boys ('On Hold Still...')
    10.3M 109K 43

    Hailey's life has been pretty normal and trouble free so far. If you categorise growing up with your all-male neighbours trouble free... After coming back from Australia to the US of A she comes back to more than just her home. She comes back to find that the McLane boys have know grown up into a family of 9 boys ran...

  • Maximum ride: A Story of the Flock
    34.1K 734 14

    maximum ride and the flock are stuck at the school for five years because of Angel. One day they finally get away. but right before max starts to fly away with Fang out the window, an eraser grabs her by the leg and wont let go. She calls for Fang but he wont save her. Now the white coats want to eraser her memories o...

  • If Only You Knew...
    6.5K 224 27

    Sarah Lark's life was a pretty easy going life. That is until her parents died. No wait... Murdered. Her life would've gone back to "normal" if she hadn't found out that her parents death was no accident. From easy girl to one who struggles, she desperately tries to find the murderer. Which would include asking the gu...