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  • New United
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    Things have changed. Ten years have passed since the 'incident' that reshaped the world took place. Something extraordinary and inexplicable took place that day ten years ago. The world was smashed apart, shuffled around, three-quarters of the population gone as if they never had been. The United States, now known as...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lazarus One
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    Lazaro Gregg had plans for his future. Life had a different set of plans. At eighteen, he spends his days in a hospital bed fighting through bouts of intense pain. There's no cure for his illness and he's resigned himself to a slow and painful death. The only light in his life is hospital volunteer, Holly Monroe who s...

  • Two Plains
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    When you die-if you've been a good soul-you go to Heaven. What if you aren't ready to go just yet? Emerey Kane isn't at all happy about being dead, he's only seventeen, his life just started. Heaven is great and all, but he misses Earth. He misses his friends and his family, everything about being alive. Unhappy wit...

  • Generation Next (X-Men fanfic)
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    Ziva Ner is a mutant trying to live her life under the radar but her simple life is ruined when she's hauled off to Xavier's School for Gifted Children. It takes her only moments to figure out her fellow students are a bit off the wall. Before she knows it, she and her new friends are pulled into a fight against an e...

  • Generation Next The Lost Chapters
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    Chapters I wanted to write or thought of after Generation Next was finished.

  • Between the Covers - writing tips & tricks
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    I've had people ask me questions about how I became a writer as well as, ask for help with editing tips and ideas and tricks to help improve their writings. If I'm honest, I suck at spelling and punctuation. If it wasn't for Grammarly I'd be screwed. I'm always willing to pass on what I've learned along the way from...

  • Uber Eats - A Guide
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    Inside this little guide book, you'll find instructions on how to use the app, for both Eats customers and delivery drivers! I've been on both ends of the Eats ordering process and as a driver I can tell you how things work on our end and as a customer I can give you tips that will help you place your order get it the...

  • ©Sparks Will Fly **READ AUTHOR NOTE**
    76.4K 11 1

    THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER PUBLISHED ON WATTPAD! She can turn the world off ... He can turn it back on ... When they're together... Sparks will fly. Chloe Phillips lives alone in a cabin high atop Mount Charleston, in Nevada, by choice. She's cursed with a strange affliction that causes electronics to die the second sh...

  • That Someone
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    Do you have "that someone" in your life? And I'm not speaking romantically, not the "love of your life". I mean, that one person you can always talk to and always tell them everything. Your BEST friend, in the ENTIRE world. That one soul who will always, always, understand you, even if you told them your worst secre...

  • Sum it all up ...
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    These are summaries I've either helped people with or been asked to write for people. 6/9/18 #4 in summaries (I think, wattpad claims it is but when you go to the list mine isn't even on there, so I'm not sure Wattpad even knows what they're doing)