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  • ©Sparks Will Fly (completed)
    67.5K 3.6K 25

    She can turn the world off ... He can turn it back on ... When they're together... Sparks will fly. Chloe Phillips lives alone in a cabin high atop Mount Charleston, in Nevada, by choice. She's cursed with a strange affliction that causes electronics to die the second she touches them. Content with her life...

  • That Someone
    915 50 22

    Do you have "that someone" in your life? And I'm not speaking romantically, not the "love of your life". I mean, that one person you can always talk to, always tell everything to. Your BEST friend, in the ENTIRE world. That one soul who will always, always, understand you, even if you told them your worst secret. If y...

  • Generation Next (X-Men fanfic)
    85.4K 2.5K 38

    The story of a new generation of mutants who join the X-Men team. Follow the story of Ziva Ner as she navigates her way through her new, sometimes slightly insane and offbeat, world when she arrives at Professor Xavier's school and learns about the others there and what the X-Men team is. Things get crazy, sometimes m...

  • Generation Next The Lost Chapters
    2K 139 22

    Chapters I wanted to write or thought of after Generation Next was finished.

  • Two Plains
    119 0 5

    When you die-if you've been a good soul-you go to Heaven. What if you aren't ready to go just yet? Emerey Kane isn't at all happy about being dead, he's only seventeen, his life just started. Heaven is great and all, but he misses Earth. He misses his friends and his family, everything about being alive. Unhappy wit...