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  • Black
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    #Kissing Her # Iris is seventeen when she meets Eric . The only hire to one of most dangerous groups present in the world , His hidden identity was only know to few people surrounding him for his protection . He is the FireDrake Clan . He is the death god . But for her he is " The Angry Stranger " , Her charming p...

  • Philophobia
    134K 10.5K 48

    "The end of your world?" Her eyes flooded with doubts. "The day when I stop loving you", his fingers trembled in her hand, "and the day is already here", tightly pressing his eyelids he said, "I cannot love you, Sataish". Where is the question of love between a young girl and a devilishly handsome young psychiatrist...

  • Menacingly✔️
    18.8M 651K 50

    "Your problem is that your heart is too big, it leaves you vulnerable and makes you weak." He spoke in such certainty that it brought tears to my eyes, because it was the truth. I was vulnerable and delicate, I was weak and let my guard down too much. "You put your heart on your sleeve. You are oblivious to evil and p...

    1.2M 40.5K 46

    Wattys 2018: Longlist Niccolò Romano. His name is a threat. Everyone that has ever crossed him has ended up dead. He is a killer, a gangster - a monster. And his enemies will do anything they can to hurt him.

  • Underground
    11.3M 347K 61

    Book #1 in the Underground Series 19-year-old Ava McAdams isn't sure what to expect when she moves to Boston for college. Three hours away from her home town and overprotective Father, who would do anything for his perfect daughter. Her sheltered upbringing leaves her exposed to the real world and one complicated mal...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Glitter Girl
    21.2K 651 10

    [Mature Rated] His lips traced her glitter covered neck as she panted, trying her wrists despite his steel cold grip. "I don't-i don't-"She stammered, her grey eyes meeting his blue ones. "You don't fraternize with your boss,customers or workers."He completed in a tone that mocked her. The cold wall made her body shud...

  • Valerian Empire [SAMPLE]
    7.9M 386K 53

    [18+ ] "But he is a good man," she argued to see his eyes narrow at her words. "And I could be a bad man," he warned, "Until you're under my wing, I expect you to behave and listen to what I say. Do not let any man kiss you, Katherine. We don't want you falling into wrong hands like before so play along." "I'm not yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rejecting the Alpha
    24.4M 772K 58

    I glared up at him my eyes narrowed, "Excuse me?" I was beyond livid by the words that just came out of his mouth. My glare didn't falter when Parker towered over me, clenching his jaw while trapping me against his desk. "You heard me." Parker's voice was low and intimidating that it made me feel so small. But I wasn...

  • My Little Mate
    23.7M 714K 33

    Alpha Darren Hale of Moonstone Pack has been searching for his mate for four years, he's beginning to lose hope. Little does he know, he'll soon find his mate, tiny brunette Blaire. But she turns out to be hard to handle for her tiny size. Highest Ranking: #7 in Werewolf

  • Sweet Little Lies
    2.5M 95.5K 31

    Ajax Preston West III has everything he's ever wanted, all but Harper Morgan. The one woman he's waited for, the one woman he's always wanted. His best friends sister. Taking over his parent's cattle ranch, he's closer to her then ever before. After years of ignoring his feelings for the sake of his friendship he's re...

    Completed   Mature
  • Billionaire's Indian Bride.
    1.4M 49.1K 48

    He had pinned her between the wall and his lower body, the only thing which was maintaining some distance between there upper bodies were her hands which she had placed in front of her instinctively. She opened her mouth to protest but she was silenced by his angry kiss. She tried to keep her mouth closed but as he bi...

  • The Barbarian's Bride
    181K 5.2K 11

    Completed   Mature
  • My Wild King
    80.7K 3K 8

    In the night he came. Looking for her; she looked just like her. The same looks, scent, even their souls shared a similar glow. In his arrogance he let his first slip from him, not this time. Not ever again. ***************************** In the night she screamed. A monster had come, with eyes of wild determinati...

  • Maddox's
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    "Her? You won't get within ten feet of her. She's Maddox's."

  • Royal Abduction
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    "You're mine. For you, I would pay any price." he said in his irascible and raspy voice. "P-please let m-me g-go" I said stumbling upon my words as his body was inches away from mine. My eyes were brimming with tears. "If you ever try to escape again I'll find you and then be ready for your worst nightmare. In this wo...

  • Dangerous
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    He's silent. He's deadly. He's threatening. He's Alpha. But to me, he's my light.. *Contains sexual content*

  • She who belongs to the Beast
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    She wasn't one who loved the spot light on her, she was on to keep to herself and stay home, just be a regular adult. Sure her father was a multi-billionaire with a booming computer business, and though he is well known along with her brothers, she was not, she kept out of the spot light at that is how she liked it. H...

  • You're Mine
    8.3M 248K 74

    "You're mine. And no one else's, got that?" Hunter asked looking down at me with a serious expression displayed on his face. Cover by: fatii227 ^_^

  • The Beasts Possession
    259K 9.1K 12

    *NOT A WEREWOLF BOOK* Like the monsters hiding under little kids bed, everyone fears Kellum Night. Rumors says he's a maniac, psycho....beast. People never visit lake house or cabin by the woods because they believe Kellum lives there. Hearing these Rumors, Isabella Daniels is curious. She then make it her mission to...

  • My Soldier (*Completed*)
    721K 16.9K 36

    "Do you have to leave?" I say through tears. "I promise I'll be home before you know it." That's a lie. It'll feel longer than what it actually is. And it will all feel like hell. "I'll be lost and...and...alone without you, Matt" I sob even harder. "Don't say that. You'll have Aunt Kathy and Jo. Trust me when I sa...

  • The Possessive Billionaire
    769K 19K 34

    Suddenly the door flung open and Aaron walked in, I can see anger in his eyes. "Aaron what are you doing here?" I hiss. He didn't answer, instead he walked towards me and crashed his lips with mine. I try to push him away but he tightened his grip around my waist, he lick my bottom lip asking for entrance, I keep my m...

  • Only his
    906K 19.9K 20

    I felt his nose run up and down along jaw and collarbone. Every few seconds he left soft kisses that made shivers run through my body. His arms were wrapped around me tight, still they were tightening around me pulling me closer to him. "W-what d-do you w-want?" I whispered to him. I hate that I stuttered. His arms...

    487K 29.3K 67

    《♡《COMPLETED》♡》 "You can run away but you can never hide from me! Mark my words when i will find you, you will beg for mercy! Run as much as you want but in the end you have to come to me YOU ARE MINE AND ALWAYS WILL BE!" those were the last words i heard before i ran away from there. away from that monster away fro...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Ruthless Mafia | ✔
    4.8M 136K 24

    Alexander Vintalli is one of the most ruthless mafias of America. His name is feared all over America. The way people fear him and the way he has his empire spread all over makes him ruthless. He is know to be heartless monster famous for his ways of torture. Blue Andrews is a simple bartender in. She is really beaut...

  • Mafia
    1.4M 35K 21

    His body was as powerful and sexual as I remembered it, he had gotten another tattoo on his shoulder since the last time, a few more scars then I remembered on his chest. His back rippled with muscles as he pulled on a fresh white shirt, my eyes transfixed as he took his time buttoning it up. Somehow it was almost mo...

  • Hermes
    66.4K 2.6K 7

    "Don't take another step towards her or I will rip you apart limb by limb," Hermes snarled at the armed men. "You are not allowed to take humans. You know this, now let her go before we come and get her ourselves." And with that all hell broke loose

  • Innocence
    81.9K 2.8K 4

    Suede has lived with her grandmother for as long as she can remember, she has been sheltered and protected her whole life. As soon as she was born her parents knew there was something special about her. Not being exposed to the cruelty of the outside world has prevented her from losing her sweet and innocent behavior...

  • His Angel, Her Devil
    225K 6.9K 18

    What happens when your worst nightmare becomes the thing you love most. Well that's what happens to Ali Winters when she moves to New York for Uni. She didn't expect her life to be turned upside down by one person 'him' Damian Knight is prince of darkness, he is heir to the most feared and dangerous mafia in America...

    Completed   Mature
  • A King's Desire (Completed)
    5.4M 202K 55

    #2 in Romance [7th February , 2017] [Mature : R rated] [Indian] *** She was his passion, His obsession,His redemption. And He was the kind of man who wouldn't mind killing thousands of people, just to claim her. *** "Let go of me,please." Her voice quivered as she struggled under his steel grip. He was so strong, she...

  • Mine To Keep (On Hold)
    155K 2.9K 11

    His name was Artemios... He was the most feared man in the U.K. Leader of the strongest mafia in England Some people even confused him with the devil... He didn't care about no one except, himself until... He stumbled across with Amber.. Will Amber change him for the worst or for the best. Can Amber handle his possess...