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  • Breaking Old Habits
    1.5M 57.5K 31

    "I had one deal breaker between us-two, actually: You sticking your dick in another girl, and you going inside her house." I'm Ayla-Ayla Morgan, that chick with tats and long, black hair. Totally screams bad girl, right? Except I wasn't. I'm just a regular twenty-two-year-old girl working at my mum's café. I'm honestl...

  • Rebel Mine
    2.6K 126 5

  • The Second Time Around- BWWM
    78.2K 3.3K 11

    Rock star Isaac Porter only ever loved one woman, his ex wife and mother of his son, Kiya. The pair were childhood sweethearts, but his womanizing ways tore them apart. The couple get along for the sake of their son, until they cross the line and wind up in bed together. This just makes life a whole lot more complicat...

  • The Edge of Autumn (Complete) bwwm
    338K 16.1K 60

    A man moves back to the small town he used to love as a young man, and right next door to his first love. Will the spark of first love be enough to keep them together for good this time? Or will time and past relationships be the pairs undoing?

    Completed   Mature
    24.8K 1.2K 5

    Daniella Turner makes the move from hometown Silvertun, Texas to the University of Maine where she meets Braxton Gale Hall, her mate and an upstate letterman, living on his parent's wallet. It's not instant love, it's not even instant attraction, it's the fight to deny each other anything but. However, when Daniella i...

  • He's My Mate
    19.8M 543K 37

    CAUTION CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. "Say it, Allison," he said, his voice low as he trapped me against the rough wall. A shiver ran down my spine, his voice pulling at me, the power in it making me want to do anything he asked. I shook my head, afraid my voice might betray me. His teeth lightly grazed my neck causing...

    Completed   Mature
  • Moon Child's War (The Enchanted World Book 4)[Wattys2015]
    553K 24.5K 32

    Read Book 1: Possessed By Lord Mage, Book 2: Tempting The Dark King, Book 3: The Dragon's Keeper first~~~Ruvin, the last known pureblood Lycanthrope and a Commander in Lord Mage's Royal Army is thrown into the Human Realm to monitor and make sure that the Dark Energy that is slowly invading the Enchanted World has not...

  • Blood Bound [Book Two, Lady and the Wolf]
    1.1M 74.3K 38

    "You once said you wouldn't fall for a bitch with a leash, Konstantin," she mocked. "Tell me, has the monster fallen?" ________ Van Volkov was cold, angry and looking forward to the day he would finally be rid of his duties, that is, until Aira Blight entered his life. He's now wrapped around the little finger of a hu...

  • Save Me: Book 1 | A CEO Romance | (Completed)
    2.4M 56.6K 39

    Save Me | Book 1 of 2, Unedited | A CEO Romance Not many have had to undergo the various struggles that twenty-one-year-old Sierra Thompson has had to endure. Being left to care for her younger sister after the tragic death of their parents all while juggling college and a shitty minimum wage job hasn't been easy, an...

    773K 24.7K 40

    WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT AND PROFANE LANGUAGE. 18 AND OLDER ADVISED. ALL RIGHTS RIGHTS RESERVED. AIR is all I could think as I woke up drenched in sweat. I had been having this dream about the most handsome guy I had ever seen. He had the body of a God. No make that a Greek God. You know the ones the made sculptures of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Walker's Girl
    104K 3.8K 16

    “You’re going to talk to your boyfriend while I’m sitting right here?” an angry voice brought me out of my bubble. The stranger guy was glaring at me for whatever reason. “I don’t have a boyfriend,” I scowled. “Oh? So you just smile and giggle like that for anyone then?” he scoffed. “Not that it’s any of your concern...

  • Taming the Highlander
    899K 53.5K 50

    In the midst of a midlife crisis, Rachel Monroe decides to give up everything and move halfway across the world on a whim. However, during her quest for adventure, she winds up with a little more than she bargained for when a thousand-year old Highlander falls in her lap. Now, Rachel's stuck with a man who's stood...

  • Toxic~Beta's Poison (Multicultural Romance)
    104K 4.6K 52

    Caleb Monti, 25, is the leader of the "Blood Rose Rogues" They are respected by most upon by many. Caleb being next in line for Beta, but has been on his own since his pack was attacked which also involved all the packs in the Northern Hemisphere. The four largest and strongest packs in the world The surviving packs...

    Completed   Mature
  • Off the Map (Winter Rescue #2)
    307K 11.1K 11

    Scott Richardson is one superstitious bastard. After a decade of training rescue dogs to weather the worst storms, Scott has seen it all. Good luck, bad luck - he knows that a large part of survival is being in the right place at the right time. Which is why he's determined to stay in the right far away fro...

  • Wolf In The Night ✚ Book Two ✚
    199K 10.4K 11

    "A direction... An order... A command with just his eyes… We weren’t going back.." - book one. Judd and Elle, are back for a new adventure.. If you thought what they'd been through was tough, then you haven't read anything yet.. It's only just the beginning. A new home.. A kidnapping.. A birth.. A new love.. A whole...

  • Mateo Santiago - PUBLISHED
    1.2K 20 35

    Could Juniper be the key to unlocking not only Mateo's family's deepest and darkest secret, but also his stone cold heart? Fans of Twilight and The Mortal Instruments are howling for Mateo Santiago. He rules the most powerful pack in the world. She has been outcast by her family and forced to go rogue. When their pat...

  • The Dragon's Keeper (The Enchanted World Book 3) #wattys2017
    772K 29.5K 28

    Read Book 1; Possessed By Lord Mage, and Book 2; Tempting The Dark King first~~~After the showdown in the Realm of the Dark, the five commanders of the Realm of Spells parted ways and went to their assigned locations. Drake finds himself in an awkward situation when, while scouting the forests surrounding the Royal Re...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cast Iron Butterfly
    479 35 5

    Hazel was a young, beautiful woman that has a difficult life in poverty with her loving family. When her family falls on harder than usual times her father takes out a loan he knows he has no way to repay. Lord McDougal loans Hazels father the money and expects it returned promptly. When that doesn't happen chaos ens...

  • The Maestri Amour (Wattys 2015)
    828K 28.2K 42

    "Child, he doesn't know anything about his own life. You think he's a mystery to you and the world? Little do you know that he's a mystery to himself. He doesn't know of the lies that surround him. He has dark secrets Rita, dark secrets that practically swallow him whole. He's in a dark place right now, and I know tha...

  • Kirkland Academy- Interracial Fiction
    17K 649 16

    Tia Campbell is forced to move from the South side of Chicago to Los Angeles when her grandmother falls ill and she moves in the the famous father she never knew she had. Tia tries to adjust to her new surroundings, making friends and an enemy or two in the elite private school she now attends.

  • This Has to be a Lifetime Movie
    2.2K 93 4

    When two high school friends meet back up. What will happen? Will the sexual attraction from all those years ago resurface or will they just remain friends. Either way neither of them will expect what will eventually happen

  • Viking's Tribute
    2.6M 116K 56

    At sixteen, Sunngifu is more of a spoiled child than a dignified thane's daughter. She is destined to a life of wealth and power. Until her father fails to pay the Viking's tribute...

  • The Viking Prince (BWWM) Book 1
    250K 8.6K 57

    Series to this book include: Viking Prince 1 and 2. Also Forgotten Reign Series should be read first at least to books 1 and 2 Ever wondered why Ericsson was called a Viking or how deep his past was.... What about how Channel received her power, ability to see and the destiny she was birthed into having. Somewhere th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Convicted Passion (ON HOLD)
    62.3K 1.8K 23

    He had it all figured out. He'd been out for two years now and all he had to do was aim and shoot, but the little boy ran over to the man, calling him uncle. He couldn't do it. Not when the little boy looked exactly like he did when he was his age. What the hell was he missing here? Callum Davenport was accused of a c...

  • ~My Omega~ "NEED MAJOR Editing- BWWM)
    1.9M 38.7K 36

    ~MATE! MATE!, MATE! Preoccupied by yelling at my wolf, I am suddenly yanked from the customers lap, I felt shocks so I knew instantly who it was. Our mate, I start to shake badly, memories of my childhood come into my mind and I start gasping for air trying to get away, I thrashed about in his arms but he tightens his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Captivate- Book 1
    1.4M 30.8K 46

    Brielle Woods is an Average girl, the one where the school corners becomes her home or the library is her best friend. Zane Wesley is a lover of every game that's played, even the ones with females...until he can no longer hold back. She belongs to him and he can't deny the draw that he has to her, physically, emotion...

    Completed   Mature
  • Something New
    155K 5K 23

    "Never fear the new because sometimes it has a way of surprising you......." ~ @Stronger21 Anthony Wilson, a 21 year old senior of Birren University has his plans set, his life written with purpose until his heart is taken by a 20 young African American girl, Katiah Poole. This is something both of them has never com...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Touch of Madness (A Recipe for Disaster Novel 1)
    24.4K 1.5K 17

    In a world flooded with magic, mythical creatures and mayhem, Callahan Orenda just wants to live a relatively unobtrusive life. Her twin sister Cassandra is famous, her guardian is moderately wealthy and Callahan is too much a trouble magnet for that ever to be the case though, as suddenly her world is filled with sha...

  • All Natural
    70.1K 2.8K 11

    A Nikki's Para-Nor-Mance Novel Deva's a wood nymph- an old and pure one that was left behind in a dying forest. She refused to give up on her trees and family. The others had left a millennium ago and now there are lumberjacks- not all are human. A were wolf has come with them, but she is having a hard time understand...

    Completed   Mature
  • The One Who Walks With Wolves - The Sequel
    11.9K 445 3

    In the sequel to The One Who Walks With Wolves, Tara is still trying to adapt to her new life as a wolf and her two very Alpha wolves, Kane and Kendrick, who are still as vicious as they are loving, she realizes that her supernatural powers have also grown constantly shocking her with her new discoveries. On top of al...