• The Bad Boy's Girl (Bad Boy Series #1)
    • JessGirl93
    • 48 parts
    138M 1.8M

    “Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of ev...

  • Mini Series
    • lilly-rain
    • 16 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    884K 12.9K

    This is a 'thank-you' for all the readers of She's One Of The Boys and She's On The Hunt. It will give short looks into the lives of Vance, Chris, Harper, Trav...

  • The Wildflower (Completed) (Southern Nights)
    • MercyRose
    • 36 parts
    7.5M 68.7K

    Elizabeth was forced to learn a lot of hard lessons in life after one accidental night of passion. Despite the consequences, she was a survivor. Six year...

  • When Life Gives You Tara
    • GuruPushkin
    • 16 parts
    • Updated 6 months ago
    21.3K 898

    When Life Gives You Tara, quickly run into your room, lock the door, shut the blinds, and jam yourself under the bed. If that doesn't keep her away...pretend t...

  • New in Town(An Interracial Romance)
    • VickeyMicah
    • 45 parts
    • Updated 7 months ago
    620K 7.6K

    Krystal Summers an African American 16 year old who just moved from New york City to Houston,Texas has to deal with the drama of catching the eye of the newly...

  • Best Friends with the Player
    • RealityCheck101
    • 42 parts
    11.3M 162K

    Kimberly Taylor was a quiet, shy girl with no friends growing up, until Kindergarten when Asher Knight changed that. It's now been eleven years since they've b...

  • Humpty Dumpty (Interracial Romance)
    • wideyedreamer
    • 23 parts
    • Updated 16 days ago
    140K 2.9K

    Ian Autumn had been betrayed by his best friend and college sweetheart. Not accustomed to showing emotion, he's completely caught off guard by the pain of his...

  • Love and Morals
    • MissPerfectFlaws
    • 5 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    39.9K 836

    Fun, carefree and serial dater Olivia believes that she has everything she could need and want in life. Kids are not apart of her future at all which is unlike...