techniicolor's Reading List

  • Fallen Angel
    • musicalsweets
    • 25 parts
    9.6K 167

    Leira Shay is a young soldier living in a time plagued by war. Their forsaken enemies crush all hope, and destroy homes and lives. She has been majorly affecte...

  • Borrowed [Watty Awards Finalist]
    • Jilleigh
    • 44 parts
    410K 5.4K

    BOOK #1 Irissa is about to turn seventeen and her only birthday wish is to have the right to choose her own path in life, but there are those who want to choo...

  • Losielette And the Boy With The Mechanical Heart (Watty2015)
    • x_Luminous_x
    • 63 parts
    • Updated 2 months ago
    211K 6.3K

    Losielette is a quiet girl living in 1924, whose life is comfortable, yet dull. That is, until she's kidnapped by a rogue time traveller on the night of her w...

  • Sweet Nightmares
    • CookieMonstaYumYum
    • 8 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    578 14

    I would love to start this off with a 'Once upon a time.' but I cant because Brooke Anderson's life isnt a fairy tale. In fact, its the complete oppsite. Brook...