Ritu1164's Reading List

  • Fifty Shades of Kol
    16.1K 249

  • The Storm Dragon's Heart
    2M 32.4K

    STORM PHASE A teenage wizard burdened with a mysterious destiny, a cat-girl ninja he can't help but fall for, and a bat-winged daemon that doubles as a diary...

  • Falling For The Wrong People
    12.8K 597

    Ameera Choudhury. An 18 year old young Muslim girl living in Dinajpur. From a young age she has realised that life has been planned for her from the day she wa...

  • Crying in the rain
    63.8K 1.3K

    I lost everything in a matter of moments. The memories of the crash are all that kept me going; I had to for everyone that lost their life that day. The guilt...

  • Whispers of Guidance. Completed.
    12.7K 589

    Katherine Williams would have never imagined the consequences of purchasing a ring on her birthday. Will an average college girl be able to handle the whispers...

  • The Descendant
    • zepharo
    • 4 Parts
    • Updated 10 months ago
    6.3K 144

    "Fate is not cruel, however. It seems merciless only when you allow it to catch you, like a shepherd who refuses to run from a wolf and winds up between its ja...

  • 5
    6M 72.6K

  • Living With Damon and Stefan
    8.7M 52.2K

    Marni is 14. She lives with Damon and Stefan Salvatore in the Salvatore bording house. She also has powers; she can control the elements. She is about to start...

  • The Unknown Thief
    483K 8.6K

    Aubrey has spent her life trying to free herself from a curse. While others waited, she took action. They may not have been the best actions, but they got her...

  • BitterSweet
    772K 7.8K

    *"Are you good?" I asked, "Your life would not be in danger" He said softly.* When the new bodyguard is hired Scarlett can't stop staring at him but she knows...