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  • I'm fine. |stiles stilinski•
    347K 13.3K 34

    "Scott... I, I- I have cancer." I say, shutting my eyes, waiting nervously for his reaction. "What?" He asks, in disbelief. "Yeah, I have-" "Don't say it again, Stiles!" He snaps, cutting me off. New Stiles story!! Sorry if I offend anyone who's gone through anything like this with my lack of medical knowledge, I have...

  • A Very Sterek Christmas
    30.5K 1.6K 27

    This collection is going to have 25 drabbles and it's going to start on December 1st and be updated all the way until Christmas!

  • Everything (Sterek)
    87.9K 3.4K 13

    So they say werewolves and foxes don't get along?

  • A Derek Hale Christmas Carol (A Sterek Novelette)
    3.9K 256 5

    Based on Charles Dickinson's "A Christmas Carol" Derek Hale gets visited by three ghosts of his past. (Sterek) *cover by stylesstoriesandco*

  • Teen Wolf Prefrences
    36.7K 722 13

    Preferences will have to do with Derek Hale Stiles Stilinski Isaac Lahey Scott McCall Liam Dunbar

  • Teen Wolf boyxboy one shots
    938K 18.3K 76

    Just a bunch of one shots about different guys from teen wolf getting together. Super cute!

  • Human //Stiles Stilinski
    90K 4.1K 11

    Stiles is finally coming out gay to his Dad and friends, but now there's an even bigger problem- Derek's back. And Stiles' panic attacks are becoming more frequent- and worse. Not to mention the nightmares, hallucinations and insomnia.

  • Dominated - Sterek
    281K 11.9K 31

    "And here we have number 476, Hezekiah Stilinski." A thin but muscled boy walked onto the stage, staring at the ground. His hair was a bit long, falling in front of his face. "He is 18 years old and healthy, very smart and sarcastic. Look at how pretty he is, and so shy. He'd make a very good submissive. Which of you...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Shots Collection - Teen Wolf (BoyxBoy)
    658K 21.5K 92

    Teen Wolf One Shot Collection. :) This will mostly exist out of Sterek, but its open for any of your requests. Send your requests in a comment or a private message, I'll make them. Have a lot of fun reading them! Xx

    Completed   Mature
  • Breaking Through (Completed)
    294K 14.1K 21

    Stiles is a Spark but he has no idea. He saved some of the Hale pack from the fire years ago. His father dies in a police shooting and Stiles gets dumped into the foster system. After years of fighting the system he gets the shock of his life. He ends up at the Hale House. Sterek, SparkStiles. *** all characters and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sterek One Shots (manxman)
    551K 13.1K 67

    Just a bunch of Sterek one shots and short stories. Some are mine, some are not. Send in a request or a topic you'd read about (for example, Pregnant!Stiles, Cop!Derek, etc.) Wattpad made the story rating mature and private, so you may have to follow me to read it, sorry!! Unpublished copyright by Sierra_1224 2015 **...

  • Sterek one shots
    189K 3.8K 61

    these are stories based on the show teen wolf. yes not all of them are teen wolf esk but same lovely characters ok so i ship sterek as you can see sterek one shots but i will throw in some other ships to throw you guys sometimes but not often so comment your favorite ships and it doesn't have to be teen wolf either it...

  • Sterek:One-shots
    151K 3.7K 53

    I don't own the characters, those belong to Jeff Davis, but I Do own the stories. [READ AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!] Random Updates my friends. This is a Sterek one shot book, but There is the occasional different ship. All of them have Sterek in it, just FYI.

  • Sterek One Shots
    64.9K 1.9K 30

    Just some one shots about sterek . Smut included c;

  • [Sterek] Murder, He Wrote (boyxboy)
    172K 13.7K 65

    And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author. (And solved a mystery, and got to date Derek Hale, and adopted some kittens along the way. It was a busy month.)

    Completed   Mature
  • First Date? No Big Deal. / Sterek
    2.1K 176 2

    Sure, they've known each other for 5 years and Stiles had feelings for Derek for nearly all of that. But a first date isn't that big of a deal, is it? According to the Pack? Yes.

  • Believe me now? -Sterek- -BoyXboy-
    7.6K 189 1

    Stiles and Derek never work, but then when they do, they're the best couple in history.

  • the ocean prince and the big bad wolf. (sterek)
    9.2K 398 11

    One day at the beach Derek and his sister comes across a lonely dolphin. Little did they know he was a very special creature. A mermaid, soon to belong to Derek's heart.

    Completed   Mature
  • Arrival of the Birds [A Sterek Fanfiction]
    88.6K 3.8K 14

    AU. Sterek. Stiles and Laura are best friends. But everything changes after Laura tells Stiles her biggest secret. And not only her secret, but her family's secret. Inspiration from: /watch?v 2I3HXfdUhF8 Originally posted on

  • Not Okay {Sterek fanfiction}
    3.7K 68 1

    Short fanfic from Tumblr x WARNING: Its really sad, it gave me a terrible case of the feels, so beware :)

  • Life of the Party
    3.4K 150 2

    Sterek High School AU Derek's popular in every way. He's invited to every party, everyone wants to be his friend, he's good at basicall every sport he tries, and on top of that him and Stiles were probably voted the cutest couple every year. Stiles isn't as popular. Sure everyone loves him, but they don't really wanna...

  • A Kiss and A Promise [Sterek/Teen Wolf]
    101K 3.7K 4

    It took Stiles about a week to figure out that he shared his apartment building with someone who very well may be the hottest man he's ever seen. It then took about three weeks to narrow down which of the possible six floors he lives on. After that it takes another week to figure out that the guy works as an EMT becau...

  • Derek Institutes a Bedtime
    25.3K 915 3

    After a month of going to bed alone, Derek has had enough. “A bedtime?” Stiles asks, brow furrowed and face unbelieving. Derek gives a firm nod, arms crossed in front of him as he stands in front of Stiles, in a worn tank top and sweatpants. He knows Stiles is going to brush this whole thing off and think Derek’s bein...

    Completed   Mature
  • For My Flesh Had Turned to Fur, and My Thoughts Had Turned to You
    17.9K 1.2K 6

    They’ve known about the other pack for quite some time now. They know the pack is young and small, formed together more by accident and necessity than anything else. But, they haven’t done anything about them because they’ve been fairly quiet, kept to themselves, and haven’t caused any trouble. That is until the Hales...

  • Sterek
    134K 4K 11

    This is a sterek fan fiction. Sterek is Derek and Stiles from a show called Teen Wolf.

  • I'll Be Your Batman
    16.2K 907 28

    This was wrong. Everything about this was wrong. What was wrong with me? I knew that I needed to stop, but yet I couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe it was his golden brown eyes that shown so bright in the sun. Or maybe his little toothy grin that was always plastered on his face. His smell, oh yes his smell like co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sterek one-shot (boyxboy)
    3.4K 84 1

    Just a little one-shot with the teen wolf members stiles and Derek ;)

  • Tap Out (Sterek)
    1.5K 53 1

    When Stiles gets home to the house he shares with Derek, he is greeted with a little more than a simple hello.

  • Pack family-Sterek (Pack mom!Stiles)
    164K 5K 13

    Fluff, fluff, fluff. Its sterek and maybe a tiny scissac. Just a pack of teenagers acting like family. Boyxboy. Don't like then Don't fucking read

  • Our Secret (boyxboy)
    109K 4.1K 15

    Stiles and Derek's relationship quickly become something more than friends when one night they find themselves in Stiles bedroom after Derek rescue him from another werewolf and the creature that goes by the name of the Kanima. Stiles and Derek do their best to keep it a secret but it's not easy to keep things from yo...