anteaterofbooks's Reading List

  • James Klux Klan
    427 2

    A massive terrorist organization called the JKK overthrows the government with a twisted goal of annihilating everyone named James.

  • Smashy Glarse's Ass-OrtMent Of How To Write Funny Stories and Tales
    78 1

    a great way to learn how to write hilarious tales, for everyone to laugh about.

  • Peter Jonson,the Man Who Ruined My Life

    Then sad tale of a ruthless killer with nothing to stand in his way, "Amazing work of art, newburry intended"-New York Times "What the hell, I'm not saying any...

  • Read this book part 2
    178 2

    Jonas is back in the sequel to the #1 (most unread) eBook in America! If you haven't read the 'Read This Book' Series, you are going straight to hell!

  • Read this book part 1
    233 6

    An adventure of a crazy, guitar singer (played by Rivers Cuomo) and his pet rock psychologist extremely loosely based on the lyrics of alternative rock group W...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cool Nerd
    39.9K 322

    A nerd, a player, a kiss and a love letter; it all started with loving gestures, but will it end in one?

  • Read this book part 3
    119 3

    Jonas is back in an all new adventure! Join Jonas, a psychologically messed up guitarist and his pet rock on a quest to hunt down a sociopath who kidnapped a r...