• The Quirky Tale of April Hale
    37.3M 885K

    WINNER OF WATTY AWARD 2013 Self-proclaimed weirdo April Hale and the notorious troublemaker Ryder Black have been living side by side for more than ten years...

  • ✝ The Wolves of the Rose Cross ✝
    5.2K 99

    I don’t have much time, so you have to listen to me closely, because it’s hard for me to concentrate when the binding makes things so fuzzy. Maybe if I think t...

  • Soundlessly Captivated(ON HOLD)
    49.2K 973

    Ezra Day is the only known deaf werewolf. She is treated as a charity case, and has been her entire life. She longs to be loved for who she is, or loved by som...

  • Fighting First Love
    7.1M 75K

    First love is an amazing thing. Most people find their first loves in high school, as did Lylah. She believes in her heart that her boyfriend is her one and o...

  • Mr Mate
    124K 2.5K

    He is her Teacher. She is his mate. After giving each other a life time of hell, fate draws Lucy and Geoff together in a way they never thought possible. Ft...

  • The Alpha Werewolf That Loves Me
    822K 10.9K

  • Finding Love in a Coffee Shop
    8.4M 219K

    Katie Holmes is a caffiene addict. Between college, and taking care of her brother, it's acceptable. Though, it doesn't help that the cafe down the street is f...

  • My Bad Boy
    9.6M 125K

    Kelsey Mays knows everything there is to know when it comes to loving a bad boy. They're uncaring jerks who will leave you brokenhearted and alone without a se...

  • Wolfsbane (Published in eBook & Print)
    4.7M 63.8K

    First four sample chapters only. Available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Paperback. Growing up in one of the most blood purity consc...

  • Love Struck.
    • KaylaNFord
    • 16 Parts
    • Updated Aug 12, 2015 03:43AM
    10.7K 298

    Jenika Waters was a normal girl. Plenty of friends, good family. But when her mother gets a job half way around the country, Jenika has to start over- leave ev...

  • Calculate My Lust
    113K 2K

    'Lust is a weakness." Sutton May, a rebellious girl turns up with a secret and a dangerous past at Sycamore Highschool; everyone gets the message that she isn...

  • Alpha...
    326K 6K

    Jenna and her little sister Rowan are searching for a new pack, a new family to take care of them, but what happens when her last chance is the last thing she'...

  • Marked by the Alpha
    12.5M 334K

    "You are mine," He murmured across my skin. He inhaled my scent deeply and kissed the mark he gave me. I shuddered as he lightly nipped it. "Danny, you are min...

  • The Alpha's Toy
    15M 276K

    "Say it, say you're mine." He growled in my ear as his hands gripped my waist pressing his manhood against my lower bottom, making my knees wobble in pleasure...

  • Finding the Wolf Within
    3.5M 32.7K

    Turning sixteen is a big deal for a werewolf. It's when you can shift into your wolf for the first time, when you find out if you have an ability, when you can...

  • Lessons of the Heart and the Liquid it Pumps ||
    • JadedRein
    • 72 Parts
    • Updated Apr 29, 2013 06:58PM
    3.2M 27.8K

    Isadora could sense there was something special about the new teacher Mr.Marrs, and it was more than the fact he was insanely attractive. At the same time Coll...

  • Bound At Heart
    1.6M 25.5K

    Alexis Dramon 'Lexi' is ripped away from the life she knows. What was supposed to be a nice family visit turned into her own persoanl nightmare. Read along her...

  • The Seeker
    124K 2.1K

    *Sequel to the Big Bad Wolf* It has been three years since Fay had her children. Three years since she lost every painful memory and started a new life. She no...

  • I'm the sad abused emo freak, so how did I become the Alpha's son's mate?
    102K 1.9K

    Willow Tears is the emo girl everyone picks on. Her parents abuse her, she gets beat on at school, everyone hates her, and she has a past. She turns to cutting...

  • My Aching Heart
    158K 1.4K

    Adeline Fay is the daughter of an Alpha. She doesn't know a thing about her father. So Chris, her mate, walks into her life, making her realise that fantasy be...

  • Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory
    20M 442K

    Zoe is a rogue who is forced to attend a school for werewolves for a year thanks to a new law. There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha who holds a grudge aga...

  • War against my Sexy Possessive Alpha Mate.
    • murderbear
    • 45 Parts
    • Updated Apr 06, 2015 12:59AM
    3.7M 41.6K

    He's A jerk. She's a prankster. He's Hot. She 's sexy. He's an Alpha Male. She's an Alpha female. They are mates. But she won't give in and neither will he. So...

  • Broken Silence [Book II] SAMPLE OF PUBLISHED BOOK
    1.1M 14.4K

    It has been four years since Oakley, her mum, and brother fled to Australia. With the trials looming, she makes the decision to return to England. Oakley is de...

  • Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)
    9.1M 108K

  • 365 Days With You: Part 1 and 2 (Sample only)
    1.4M 5K

    (On here is about 70% of book one and two. I have the completed version on Amazon.com) After a tragic accident Ali is forced to take care of her brother and si...

  • Sink Into Me
    13.6M 192K

    "What if it were possible for me to live forever? Would you still love me then?" He asked me. I stared into his light green eyes and said, "I'd...

  • Convicted Love
    5.4M 71.3K

    Paige loves her life as it seems fullfilled. She get's a job at as a prison guard in her Uncle's Prison. She meets some interesting characters and a guy who se...

  • Eyes on You
    1.4M 16.3K

    I was blind for almost my whole life..Yeah I couldn't see anything but I'm certainly not weak. I met a man with deep-beautiful voice that held my attention...

  • I've been a very bad babysitter (OLD AND UNEDITED 2011)
    12.1M 158K

    Kalise is always surrounded by a bunch of kids. A bunch of evil little monsters that is. She's been a babysitter for the last few years, and hates every minute...

  • Bitten
    67.7K 1.7K

    Luna Crowe has been homeless ever since her parents died. She's spent every dime she has and just wants to read a book. That she doesn't intend to buy. When sh...