Dragon_loving_wolf's Reading List

    1.7K 10

    Frances and Taylor have one thing in common: they both turn into giant wolves. But what Frances doesn't know is that Taylor is the guy that made her turn into...

  • Who's got short shorts?
    378 8

    A collection of short stories. Some are funny, some are strange. Some will make you think while others will make you wonder if maybe I'm a bit crazy.

  • The Wolf Comes at Midnight (on hold until... yeah)
    • MAJICS
    • 10 Parts
    • Updated 5 years ago
    3.1K 33

    My life was normal, sure. Well, that is, until the wolf came for me at midnight.

  • The Girl of Both Kinds
    924 6

  • Forever Mates
    4.2M 36.4K

    Selene Willows was 13 years old when her pack was attacked by the Midnight Pack. Ever since that dreadful day, Selene and her siblings have been hiding from...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl Called Robin Hood
    28K 416

    The story is about a girl who was adbandoned at the age of 7 and now at age 15 lives in the woods. She is clever, witty, smart, sly, and more. She steals from...

  • The Wolves of Silver Creek
    38.5K 592

    Imagine your average middle-school student. She is interested in books, shopping, hanging out with her friends, and lately, boys. That student would be Sophie...

  • Mates For Life
    1.5K 19

  • The Hunt
    9.2K 202

    Maya was found on the side of the road. She can't remember anything except her name, age, she has a secret, and shes been running ever since she could remember...

  • Black Claws
    29.1K 255

    Hi, my name is Namir Dakota. I've lived in Florida my whole sunny life. I had no worries, nothing at all. Then my life turned itself upside down because of see...