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  • Falling for a British bloke
    5.9K 169 8

    A young German writer happens to befriend one of her most adored actors - Richard Armitage. As things develop their friendship deepens, but what happens when she discovers that friendship might not be enough for her? This is my first try on writing fanfiction - and my first try writing in English. I hope it's not to...

  • To be Worthy
    4.9K 166 11

    Betrayed by his latest master and mocked by the cruel hand of destiny, Sir Guy of Gisborne returns to Nottingham twenty years after his banishment determined to reclaim the life which should have been his. A/N: Set in an alternate Series 1 where Guy has never met Vasey before his arrival in Nottingham, this fic wil...

  • That woman! (North and South fanfic)
    12.3K 107 5

    Mrs. Thornton awaits her son's return. With mills failed and house to be given up she expects nothing but more grief in the future. Mostly series based. Extrapolating the train scene on the subsequent behavior of Mr. Thornton and Miss Hale.

  • Mr. Bell's last business (North and South fanfic).
    3.1K 48 1

    A short story about the last meeting of Mr. Bell and Mr. Thornton. Only this time Mr. Bell has a little better timing.

  • The Error of Judgement (North and South Fanfic)
    54.4K 621 10

    The shock of sudden death of Mr. Hale crushes Mr. Bell, rendering him unable to bring the sad news to Margaret himself. He is forced to delegate the terrible duty to the only one he can entrust it: his friend and tenant Mr. Thornton.

  • Butterfly Effect (the Sequel to Butterflies - A Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction)
    261K 4.8K 35

    Julia has chosen. And there's no return to where they were - everything changes for everybody.

  • Broken | Lucas North - Spooks/MI5 Story [Featured]
    159K 3.7K 42

    *Wattpad Featured Story* A year before MI5 spy Lucas North ends up in Russian prison for 8 years, there is Alexa George, a woman he rescues as a favor to his boss, Harry Pearce. But when Lucas gains his freedom as part of a prisoner exchange, his return to London sets off a series of events that threaten to reveal t...

  • Spaghetti And Stradivari
    762 12 3

  • A Voice in the Dark
    6.3K 186 15

    Section D has a traitor in its midst and a mysterious man arrives with what appears to be the key to rid MI5 of the mole. Alternative version of Series 7. Most of the story will be PG-rated with a few mild-R instalments.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fate & Circumstance - A North & South Continuation
    109K 867 17

    When John and Margaret catch a fleeting glimpse of each other at a railway station in the Midlands after months apart, it gives John the impetus to travel to London in the hope of meeting Margaret again. When he impulsively proposes to her and is accepted, it seems that their happiness is complete. As they adjust to t...

  • Past and Present - A Modern Day Romance of North & South
    84.3K 896 23

    When she arrives with her parents in Milton after her father takes a job there, Margaret Hale, with the prospect of adapting to a new life ahead of her, catches sight of a man in the street that looks like a “perfect stranger”. However, on an errand to speak to the family’s landlord, Margaret finds this romantic image...

  • Birth of a Legend
    5.3K 103 7

  • A Chance To Believe In More.
    8.2K 207 7

    A meeting of two opposites. Guy of Gisborne, Master of Arms at Nottingham Castle and the daughter of a sword smith... an alliance, a friendship and maybe love emerges. .

  • The Baron's Lady (The Gisbornes, Book 3)
    550K 5.6K 54

    Owen Gisborne is a knight in training. He vows not to lose his heart to a woman, but only to dedicate himself to the prestige of his warrior's class. But to be a Gisborne is to love with a great passion, even if it goes against the rules...

  • Sins of the father
    1.6K 29 3

    There is a secret Harry Pearce has kept for almost 16 years. There is something Lucas was never supposed to know and there is someone who never wanted to know Lucas. And they are all the same person.

  • The Mexican Breakout
    986 14 2

    A few months after their return from Cuba, Cara leaves John Porter behind to complete her fist major operation for Section 20, breaking four English teenagers out of a prison in Mexico where they are being drugged and used as prostitutes. John has to cope with mixed feelings - pride and respect for Cara, and fear for...

  • O, Fortuna
    2K 70 30

    Sacked from a job she loves and in debt up to her ears, Grace Davidson suddenly finds fortune smiling down on her in the form of her estranged great aunt... ..but fortune is a fickle thing.

  • Caught In The Kings Spell
    18.8K 288 10

    You think you know a story but you only know how it ends. To get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to the beginning.

  • Russian Nights
    6.5K 107 7

    Lucas North's newest mission forces him to embrace the past he only wanted to forget. But there is something attached to it that is worth risking everything to protect it.

  • In Consequence
    232K 2.4K 22

    A fateful event awakens hidden attraction, and fleeting tenderness grows steadily into love when a single impulse changes the course of Margaret Hale's life forever. Set in Victorian England, this story unfolds amidst the gritty struggles of the Industrial Revolution. Based on the novel 'North and South' by Elizabeth...

    Completed   Mature
  • Un Étranger Dans Son Pays
    500 2 6

    A mish-mash of characters from various series of Spooks. Characters owned by me - Amber and Dani.

  • Just Ordinary Men
    7K 153 27

    World War II. We think we know the men and women who fought and died for us, and what motivated them. Opposing sides, opposing views and motivations... Perhaps so.. perhaps not...

  • The Harp and The Dagger
    2.2K 40 11

    Having been thrown out of the Regiment following a disastrous mission under his command, Captain Dennis 'Dotsie' Doheny is spending time with his sister and brother-in-law awaiting reassignment. Fate has other plans for him however...

  • Absolution
    18.3K 293 20

    This is a story based on Strikeback starring Richard Armitage. John Porter returns from Iraq having travelled accross the middle east avoiding the Americans. On his return he discovers huge changes in section D. However he has little time to get to adjust to the changes. A British Aid worker is kidnapped in Columbia a...

  • Sloth Fiction
    6.1K 90 11

    Inspired by a comment made on Servetus' excellent blog Me + Richard Armitage, this is a series of humorous stories based around the premise of "What if RA's characters hung around my house, eating my junk food, watching the telly, sparring, and in general amusing themselves in their down time?" The initial standalone...