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  • Soulless
    16.9K 1.4K 46

    Adriana Crest's kind can walk the line between life and death, but to do that, they must die. Adriana always knew she was different; she could see what others couldn't. Those who surrounded her knew that Adriana was different; odd. Even Adriana's own father could tell there was something off with her ever since the cr...

  • Mutations
    205K 14K 50

    | C O M P L E T E D | Subject Six is a genetically advanced human. Created in the new world of science, there are only four of her kind. Humans designed to be weapons in the new age, created with similar a DNA structure as animals. Raised in isolation, with no one but her Handler, she soon discovers that she is the o...

  • Wattpad's Hotties
    1.5M 14.9K 62

    You have read about them. You have swooned over them. You have loved them for each sweet and idiotic act they have committed. You have cried when their hearts have been broken. You have wept when they have become united with their love (female protagonist). Who are 'they' you ask? They are the Wattpad's Hotties! In e...