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  • At The Beta's Command
    1.2M 28.2K 31

    Amber is your typical Senior Student who busies herself with passing grades, preparing for college, maintaining her two-year relationship with Blake and partying at Saturday nights. See here, she's not nerd, she's not snob, she's not famous but she's hot! but, what really people like about her is the way she's funny...

  • Alpha love
    5.7M 135K 35

    Aria is a 17 year old girl. She just moved to a knew town and just found out she's a werewolf. Xavier is a 19 year old alpha of the strongest pack in the world. He has been looking for his mate for 2 years but still hasn't found her. When they find out they are mates everything goes crazy with a possessive alpha a g...

  • Don't Talk About Mickey
    574K 8.8K 33

    What happens when your mom is engaged to a man that you've paid to sleep with? (For Mature Audiences Only)

  • He Likes Me (BoyxBoy) ON HOLD
    238K 3.6K 16

    "What are you doing?" He asked, staring at me with those big green eyes. God, they were beautiful. "What dose it look like I'm doing?" I asked "Raping me in a school hallway." I chuckled "Its not rape if you want it." I said before smashing my lips to his. His lips were soft and full. I groaned. My cock was so hard...

  • Undisclosed Desires
    516K 13.4K 15

    Contains Love, Sex and Rugby. Carson Mays is a troubled teenager but he's out to seek his dream of becoming a national rugby player but with a challenging coach and a new Physics teacher, what will happen when Carson's sight alters from dreaming of playing on the field to playing with a man?

    Completed   Mature
  • Beta Blockers
    896K 12.6K 33

    Astrid's life has always been hard. She was orphaned at a young age and had to raise 3 litlle sisters and be the beta of her pack. Naturally she acts tough so she is taken seriously by the pack and the other werewolf's fear her but Grayson, the alpha of her pack sees through the acts she's putting on and begins to fal...

  • The Ranch Hands - [boyxboy] - [boyxgirl]
    92.3K 1.2K 25

    (Book One out of a 2 book series) Sally and Bill Barton hire two ranch hands to help out on breaking in the mustangs and help with cattle round up on their ranch. Aston Cooper was a man traveling from town to town trying to avoid relationship with girls. He found his ex-girlfriend cheating on him with another guy in t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Devil Inside.
    361K 6.1K 32

    They hated eachother. But he was obsessed and in love with her at the same time. She was dating his best friend, who is now out of town for a whole month or more. So he took the time and kidnapped her in his mansion, locking her up. He wanted her to himself. He's violent on her. He's rough on her...But he has his soft...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wolfsbane (Published in eBook & Print)
    4.7M 64.2K 34

    First four sample chapters only. Available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Paperback. Growing up in one of the most blood purity conscious wolf packs in the US, Evelyn, a half-blooded wolf is subjected to abuse and torment on a daily basis. Trusting no one, Evelyn lives a lonely life of solitud...

  • Awakening (bxb)
    27K 451 9

    They're not least thats what Kyle always says. And its true, there is no blood bonding the two boys, there is however the secret, their secret. Connor and Kyle Trent are werewolves but what happened to their pack? how did they end up where they are and why in hell won't Connor let Kyle have his way with...

  • Persuade Me (Student/Teacher Relationship)
    17.2M 120K 41

    'Standing up I looked straight at Professor Garrett, smirking evilly. "Hi, my name's Christy Evans and I'm an English major. Let's see," I said tapping my chin in concentration, all the while trying not to laugh out loud, "I'm the leader of a group of intergalactic beings who are here to terminate all those who are de...

  • My Two Best Friends
    422K 7.5K 7

    (Cover by: KaraRobinson) (Warning: Sexual Content) “You know the truth now, Olivia.” Thane's voice was grave, the cool mask he always wore back in place. “There's just one question, Liv.” Adrian started but they both finished the statement in that odd way they always had. “Can you handle it?” I swallowed, lips partin...

  • Marked By Brothers: [**Currently Rewriting/Updates soon**
    3.8M 23.1K 30

    Imagine being possessed and marked by two dangerous men. When love is multiplied, it can take you to places you've never dreamed off. Blood. Lust. Lies. Deception. Romance. Three hearts will beat as one in this very steamy Romance! *Copyright 2012* All Characters, plot lines, places, and dialogue ARE COPYRIGHTED...

  • Finding My Way Home
    739K 12K 28

    WARNING: Before you start reading if you do not like a Ménage à trois, then please do not read this! Being abused brings you down and makes you second, triple guess yourself. Then one day a man comes along and rescues you from the hell that has been your life. Then to find out he is also your mate? God must be playing...

    Completed   Mature
  • He's My Mate! (Student/Teacher) [Sample] - [On Amazon]
    12.7M 246K 49

    Jonathan Garner, ordinary high school Chemistry teacher, is engaged to be married to the love of his life, Julia. Life for the couple is as blissful as they had hoped it would be, until the mysterious Charlene Craig and her mother arrive in town. Jonathan finds himself drawn to Charlene in ways he fails to decipher...

  • My Teacher is a Werewolf & I'm His Mate.[Book One: Part One] (Complete)
    6.2M 93.5K 32

    (Cover by: happybunnyx123) Lexi is a freak, at least that's what everyone tells her. She talks to the dead, has no friends and her own father is afraid of her. But when a new teacher arrives at school her life is shaken up more than she could ever imagine.

  • I Dream About My Teacher!
    81.6K 961 19

    Ava comes from a family who dream true dreams, so what will happen when she starts dreaming about her gorgeous house group teacher Mr. Eastman.

  • My Big Strong Alpha's
    821K 20.8K 24

    Honey Rose is the worlds best fighter but she cant fight the feelings she gets when she sees her new art and history teachers when she arrives at her new school and they seem to act the same way around here but never makes a move not to meantion they are her new fighting coaches. honey is confused and sick of it so sh...

  • Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory
    28.2M 740K 37

    Zoe is a rogue who is forced to attend a school for werewolves for a year thanks to a new law. There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha who holds a grudge against all rogues. Will he get the life he has always craved or will his pride get the better of him?

  • Choosing My Mate [R]
    860K 11K 19

    Rated [R] Riley Burk is the daughter of the Alpha. For years the Alpha could only birth daughters, so an agreement was made that the alpha's beta would birth a male to mate the daughter, but what happens if the beta has twins? who will the fates decide to be the mate of the alpha daughter?

  • Mated To The Enemy
    254K 3.4K 19

    "A common enemy unites even the oldest of foes." For centuries the Blue Moon pack and Storm pack have been enemies, until the Bullet pack comes in. Now both packs have to put aside their differences to work together and defeat this common enemy or risk loosing it all. Can Aina and Jayden put aside their differences t...

  • A vampire always gets what he wants.
    600K 10.1K 24

    “I must say, this human has you tightly wound around her finger. Is she…the one?” He said walking towards the desk, a curious look on his face. I’ve known the answer to that question ever since I first caught sight of her. Looking back on that day I couldn’t help but let a small smile curl onto my lips as I replied, “...

  • Rightfully His
    23.1M 104K 11

    You can't run from your past. Everyone has heard those words before. No matter how hard she tries, Tinsley can't hide from the horrific memories of having her pack murdered. Years later, and she's still trying to move on. The last thing she wants is to find her mate. Especially when her mate is one arrogant, annoying...

  • Sinful Awakening
    1.2M 27.2K 17

    Mina Reynolds has never been in a serious relatinonship, and has always been a one guy type of girl. Now one night she has a steamy wet dream of two guys that happen to be brothers. They are both built to utter perfection, the desire of every womans fantasy. And just so happen to be vampires. Mina thinking nothing of...

  • The Boy Who Sleeps On My Bedroom Floor
    4.7M 31.3K 29

    As far back as they can remember, Emi and Luke have been best friends. However, things start to go down hill after a month of separation and a shock confession from Luke leaves Emi confused. Emotions run high, tension is thick in the air and to top it all off, there's a new boy in town. How will the trio deal the issu...

  • Roman Roommate
    2.9M 49.2K 33

    Greek Mythology. Third installment in the Cupid series! Evie wants nothing to do with the romance business. Love will come along when it does and she does not want to be told otherwise. Her fallen angel boss has a son coming into town for business. Needing a place to stay, Evie's boss begs her to let her son stay wit...

  • My Soulmate is a Big Bad Wolf
    559K 7K 22

    What happens when you wake up and realize that the life you have been living is a lie? What happens when you find out that the face you always see in the mirror is not even yours? What happens when you get kidnapped by an army of werewolves because you are the living doppelganger of a long, lost queen who also happens...

  • Love Burns (On Hold)
    46.8K 907 7

    Maximus was a playboy quite the opposite of his younger brother, Nathaniel, who was a complete gentleman. He never approved of his older brother's lifestyle but though they may have their differences, they were still brothers no matter what. Until one day, Nathaniel's best friend and one of his older brother's many lo...

  • Royals- The Unwanted Mates
    195K 4.9K 13

    {Reached Watty Awards 2011 finals} This story is about two she-wolf's Missy and Amy. Amy the alpha's daughter and Missy her best friend. Both are going to turn 18 and are still mateless. This story is about these two girls finding their mates. The Royals- A group of werewolf's who are the superiour and above all the A...

  • Being The Player (Being #2) rough draft. Warning-Many spelling and grammar mistakes
    3.4M 41.6K 19

    Daniel Willow is a player. He has been one since the beginning of freshman year. He played "The Game" that all boys at Morton High know the rules of. To put it short, the boys use the girls like tissues. The more girls you get the higher you get on the social ladder. None of the girls know about "The Game" until Kari...