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  • Don't Let Go
    175K 7.9K 36

    "It's like my brain is playing hide and seek.. only one day I won't find it." Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles had been best friends since kindergarten. The pair was inseparable. At age fifteen, they became more than just bestfriends. At age sixteen, there is a diagnosis, and the world comes crumbling down on them. ...

  • Larry Stylinson One Shots
    38.9K 684 21

    One shots featuring harryandlouis. I'm willing to write both bottom!Louis and bottom!Harry, but I'm more apt to write bottom!Louis. Requests are always open, check first chapter for guidelines

  • The Make-Up Game. | larry stylinson
    75.7K 4.3K 34

    "Go on Lou, just give it a go." ; in other words, Louis' older sister Jade dared him to put on make up and Louis ends up loving it. _Larry Stylinson_ • I do just wanna day that this book isn't short. When I say that I mean the chapters are long and things don't happen straight away. When writing this book, I wanted t...

  • Sweet Thang | l.s. au
    60.5K 2.9K 20

    Louis is a girl trapped in a boy's body. He hates his anatomy and only has to wait two more years before he can get his sex change. He loves girl's clothes. He has it all, dresses,skirts,tight skinny jeans. Louis loves all things girly. Sure sometimes he gets picked on by the school asshole and jock, Zayn Malik. But o...

  • pink lipstick♢larry
    100K 5.5K 13

    louis likes harry. harry likes the way louis wears pink lipstick. (feminine!louis) grungelukeaf © 2015-2016. All Rights Reserved.

  • Baby Boy ; larry
    89.3K 4.5K 22

    Louis Tomlinson lives in Apartment 32B, his bed linen pink and white daisies and his curtains a soft white pattern. On the windowsill, there rests a flower bed full of pretty flowers, ranging from baby sunflowers to tulips. Louis always has soft music playing, to soothe his occasional stress attacks. Across the hall i...

  • Two Months With Him [COMPLETED]
    648K 26.9K 39

    Harry and Louis absolutely despised one another. What could possibly happen when you forced them to live in the same house for two months?

  • How To Act Gay [LiLo]
    215K 12.2K 18

    Louis Tomlinson is a struggling, out of job actor who finally lands a possibly career changing role-- playing the boy-next-door boyfriend of a famous tv show's main playboy character for the whole season. The problem? Louis is straighter than a pole. But as showbiz is a tough business and this might just be his big br...

  • Ours (Zianourry Family/Lilo AU)
    950K 29.6K 48

    Louis and Liam's life couldn't be more hectic. Between working, and taking care of two children, things can get pretty crazy. As if having a five year old and a one year old isn't enough, the couple is asked to become foster parents for a 16 year old boy. Things will be rocky and secrets will come out but one thing wi...

  • Larry Stylinson's Cancer Battle
    141K 3.8K 40

    Tour was going great. One direction was going great. Larry Stylinson was going great. Heck, life was perfect at the moment. Harry and Louis couldn't be any happier. Everything was finally turning amazing and that's all they could ever ask for. Until Louis gets sick. It was really unexpected. He never got sick. Ever...

  • 199 Letters (l.s)
    192K 6.7K 7

    What would you do if your best friend committed suicide? What would you do if there was no way that you could help them? All there is left, is 199 letters. The only thing they left behind for you. © 2014, Ashley (larrystyIinson), All rights reserved

  • Never enough.
    2K 65 6

    Eat less. Excercice more. Lose weight. It was never enough for Louis. Louis starts getting lighter and lighter, but no one seems to notice. Everyone believes his cheap excuses and no one seems to pay attention to the fact that Louis keeps running off to the toilet every time he's eaten something. Will Harry, his long...

  • MVP {Louis Tomlinson}
    62.1K 2.5K 55

    "There's more to playing soccer than just kicking around a ball until it hits the back of a net."

  • Hospital Romance (One Direction Fan Fic)
    988 18 4

    What happens when the one and only Louis Tomlinson gets hit by a car and ends up in a hospital will there be some drama or will there be love?

  • Frame of Hearts - l.s.
    655K 34.7K 54

    The abandoned tree house was something to poke Louis' curiosity. His secret is kept, until he finds someone else trespassing in /his/ tree house. © 2014, [larryuniverse]

    Completed   Mature
  • YouTube ➸ Larry Stylinson
    3.9M 132K 63

    where two famous youtubers deal with stolen cars, crazy girlfriends and their crazy fathers, movies, tea parties, traveling, and quite possibly, falling in love.

  • Room 317
    2.9M 58.5K 26

    Louis has a habit of not complaining. Harry hates it because, sometimes if you don’t complain, bad things happen; like ending up in the ICU. This is the OFFICIAL VERSION please note that there are four or five R rated scenes that have been moved to another site to keep this story un-privated. The links are provided in...

    Completed   Mature
  • skinny -louis tomlinson
    1.1K 34 6

    ♚and she taught me why hurricanes were named after people♚

  • Dark (Louis version)
    251K 4.3K 63

    18 year old Abby was a normal girl. She met Louis at a party. She tried to stay away from him. That somehow brought them closer. What's going to happen? Will he stay a bad boy that fights all the time or try and change so he doesn't fight so much for her?

  • mental | lwt
    171K 3.4K 40

    ❝ you taught me how to love others when i couldn't love myself. ❞