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  • My Evil Angel (BWWM)
    2.4M 90K 55

    "Angel come to daddy." I called her over. I watched as she skipped towards me smiling as always. "yes sir." she said looking up at me. I held her waist,"do me a favour please baby?" She nodded her head, her brown curls bouncing. "go hurt those men so daddy can get some answers okay?" she smiled widely,"can I?" she as...

  • Without you.
    620 190 12

    Liliana and Leon Buckley were abandoned by their mother when they were only five years old. Their mother left them on their grandparents doorstep without so much a second glance back. Now twelve years later and the now 17 year old twins are living happily with their grandparents and uncle. Will they be able to handle...

  • Bound to be Free
    333K 6.5K 50

    Cassandra Vanhoe was set to marry Dexter, son of a business tycoon William Morris, to save a falling business empire. On the night of their engagement party, Cassandra accidentally witnessed the cold-blooded murder of William deep within the forest. In an attempt to call for help, she was caught from her hiding plac...