• Daddy. - Larry Stylinson Fanfic (Bromace Awards 1st Place Winner)
    211K 10.4K

    ❝"Oops." Says a boy walking out of the first stool, he accidentally hit Louis with the door. Louis' about to make a sarcastic remark when his eyes land on the guy; curly brown hair, emerald green eyes looking at him like a lost puppy in the rain, light blush because of his embarrassment, and he's a few inches smaller...

  • Love's Not Simple. (Larry mpreg)
    51.5K 2.9K

    Harry is pregnant, Louis isn't happy about it at first. But love's not simple.

  • 18 [Larry Stylinson AU]
    20K 1.3K

    I have loved you since we were eighteen Long before we both thought the same thing To be loved and to be in love All I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you I wanna love like you made me feel When we were eighteen (2nd place in the category Enigmatic Larry - Bromance Awards Holiday 2015)

  • Prince Misunderstood [Larry Stylinson AU]
    116K 5.8K

    This isn't your average fairy tale, though it may seem that way at first. But shouldn't we all learn not to judge a book by its cover? So step into the wondrous world of princes and princesses, where not everything is as it seems. People change and hearts get broken. But above all, courage is what makes us stand tall...

  • Free of spirit, Wild at heart [Larry Stylinson AU]
    6.8K 596

    Free spirit: A person who lives according to his own wishes and beliefs, unconstrained by society's conventions. He's highly individual with a unique attitude or lifestyle, a nonconformist. Wild heart: A person who's not afraid to take risks and is up for almost anything. His heart knows passion which sets the spir...

    Completed   Mature
  • Feelings [Larry]
    2.1K 214

    A fluffily humorous one where Harry Styles finally prepares himself to tell the love of his life how he feels, but maybe letting his three best friends intervene might have been one is his best or worst ideas. liam: for the love of god, haz. just tell the guy you love him already! zayn: what the sexy guy said niall...

  • When Hate Turns Into Love (Larry Stylinson AU)
    917K 44.4K

    [3rd place in the Bromance Awards Holiday 2015] The Styles and the Tomlinsons. Those two families have never gotten along with each other due to an event in the past. So because of this, Louis Tomlinson hates Harry Styles, simple as that. What Louis doesn't know though - or anyone in their families for that matter...

  • Seasons Change {Larry Mpreg}
    44.4K 3.8K

    Louis is a cute retired dancer who likes heels and dresses who gets tied up in the mob life in a way he never thought he would. Harry is a mob boss who thought he had Louis until he didn't. 1st place in the 'Enigmatic Larry' of the 2015 Holiday Bromance awards

  • And You're My Ever After (Larry Stylinson Au)
    68.6K 4.1K

    "You're so cute when you laugh!" Louis threw his hands up into the air then continued laughing feeling Harry's shaky head on his shoulder. "And you're cute too...if I could and if I wanted to I would marry you." Harry looked up giving him a lazy smile. "You're not husband material." Louis hiccuped then laughed when...

  • The Jock and The Nerd (Loucel/Larry Stylinson)
    3M 93.2K

    Marcel Styles is the school nerd at Bowman High School, straight A’s and wanted by nobody. Louis Tomlinson is the most popular jock, captain of the football team and wanted by girls and boys alike. Louis doesn’t associate with people like Marcel and Marcel doesn’t associate with people like Louis. Marcel would never a...

  • These Inconvenient Fireworks. // L.S
    5.9K 259

    Completed   Mature
  • Blue [EDITANDO] »Larry Stylinson«
    7.8M 322K

    Harry tenia una rara obsesión con el color azul... "Tus ojos son hermosos" "¡Ya deja de acosarme!"

  • Fetus ✎ l.s.
    1M 52K

    [COMPLETE] "He had a screechy voice, a god-awful hairstyle, the body of a thirteen-year-old girl and the mind of a thirteen-year-old boy. What was there to even fall in love with?"

  • Cupcake✿Larry Stylinson AU
    3.1M 123K

    ❝You're all mine, Cupcake. Don't you dare forget that.❞ ❝Of course, and you're my grumpy muffin.❞ ❝We really need to get me a new nickname, Harry.❞ Harry isn't transgender, he just likes dressing in girl clothes. While Louis isn't a punk, he just loves tattoos, piercings, and let's not forget Harry. © 2014, Angie...

  • Switching Styles (Larry Stylinson)
    1.4M 73.9K

    Where Harry wakes up in Eleanor's body, and she wakes up in his. And maybe Harry has a huge crush on Louis, but problems occur with the band and he doesn't know how to work a tampon. © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • The Housekeeper (Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction) #Wattys2015
    2.9M 138K

    Harry was just a poor housekeeper… a maid, a caretaker of homes. He had absolutely nothing going for him. He was back and forth on trying to settle in a proper place, but he never made enough money to do so. Harry was always stuck and always came across problems. That was until he met Louis Tomlinson. Who was Louis...

  • Cheshire Chatroom [Larry Stylinson AU]
    4.8M 193K

    After the teachers realize the different grades of Cheshire High School aren't interacting, they decide to start a project. Cheshire Chatroom is an online pen-pal project where students from different grades message each other. But Louis Tomlinson, a year twelve student, isn't happy when he's forced to message an unkn...

  • geektastic.com (Loucel/ziall/lirry)(boyxboy)
    • Debraxx
    • 31 Parts
    • Updated May 07, 2016 01:15AM
    2.7K 328

    Marcel styles decides to try out a new website called geektastic.com which is a dating website.he gets paired with Louis Tomlinson, which is his bully. Louis finds out and he is angry and resentful and Marcel is hurt.Will Louis change his ways?. amazing idea from mrs_horan_59 and amazing cover from @fanfictionshipper...

  • Whispered Secrets |Larry au|
    10.3K 680

    A 24 year old football player for the Rovers, Louis Tomlinson has always been careful when it comes to relationships. At least, until he meets 21 year old Harry Styles and falls for the curly green-eyed cutie. Or the one where Louis is a famous soccer player and Harry is the deaf romantic interest in his life. M...

  • Fading Zen Book 1 (Boyxboy) (Larry)
    70.6K 5.1K

    Fading: /fādiNG/ 1. To gradually grow faint and disappear. Zen: /zEn/ 1. A state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. 2. Slang nickname for Zayn Malik. Book One of the Zen Series. Louis Tomlinson is a massage therapist who may appear to be the epitome of 'zen' on the outside, but c...

    Completed   Mature
  • World Cup [larry stylinson a.u.]
    • sebLarry
    • 59 Parts
    • Updated Jul 10, 2015 12:24AM
    478K 30.2K

    I went to Brazil wishing to hook up with as many straight men as I could find but a gay tourist with a nice butt was all I got.

  • Animal (Larry Stylinson)
    271K 13.1K

    The devil is real and he isn't a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful because he is a fallen angel and he used to be God's favourite. Harry has a condition that disallows him to feel physical pain. For a man thriving on fear and resistance from his victims - his prey - Harry is not prepared for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Boy // l.s.
    161K 12.8K

    ❝What's a 'Lost Boy'?❞ ❝You're a Lost Boy!❞ ❝But... I'm not lost?❞ RANKINGS #943 in FanFiction 19/08/15

  • Freed From Darkness A Larry AU Mpreg Story
    392K 11.5K

    Harry is trapped in darkness, he goes throughout life devoid of emotion and feeling. Not even being able to stand the simplest touches from his adopted family. He is extremely wealthy and has everything money can buy but he has never felt so alone. Louis is a struggling Uni student at the cusp of adulthood. He is a...

  • Selenophobia |larry|
    119K 8.7K

    . One is a famous celebrity who has deep hidden secrets. The other is a part of the paparazzi chaos; he watches carefully, until one day he notices the un-noticed. What happens when Harry gets suspicious about Louis? How will Louis deal with his...

  • no homo > larry au
    5.2M 302K

    louist91: I kinda really wanna suck your dick louist91: no homo tho ••••• {HIGHEST RANKING: #3 in FanFiction}

  • The Lost Boy (h.s)(l.t)
    1.4K 88

    "No, I'm not Peter Pan. I guess you could say i'm a lot like him though... in some ways." "Can you fly?" "Not exactly."

  • slut » l.t. + h.s.
    92.8K 4.3K

    an au in which Louis is just really submissive. © @messybunlou_ 2014

  • Letters to the Author -Larry Stylinson
    148K 12.8K

    Louis never thought that Harry Styles was a possibility. He was a famous author with a bestseller. But then, he was. And Louis didn't know if that was good or not. #147 in Fanfiction