• A Little Love ➳Larry mpreg
    • Larry_Lashton
    • 27 parts
    • Updated 2 days ago
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    Harry and Louis are best friends, and when Harry's boyfriend breaks up with him, he's instantly depressed. Louis hated seeing him this way, so one thing leads...

  • Hi or Hey (Larry Stylinson)
    • Larry_Lashton
    • 10 parts
    • Updated 2 hours ago
    31.6K 3.7K

    ❝Oops.❞ ❝Hi.❞ ❝Is it hi or hey?❞ ❝What?❞ Where Harry is a big 5 Seconds of Summer fan and shows Louis, who's a stubborn and easily annoyed guy, the ropes of...

  • the coffee shop. » larry au
    • birdsandanchors
    • 25 parts
    • Updated 9 days ago
    5.1K 370

    Harry is an up-and-coming indie artist with social anxiety and more to his persona than he's letting on. He loves the coffee shop down the street, and it becom...

  • Paint Me A Story [Larry & Zouis]
    • TrulyMadlyLarry
    • 7 parts
    • Updated a month ago
    72.1K 3.4K

    In which a mute college student, whom Mr. Tomlinson dubs as bandanna boy, lets his words speak through art. © Copyright 2014 TrulyMadlyLarry, All Rights Reser...

  • Confessions of a Gay Disney Prince || l.s.
    • JeddieJay
    • 100 parts
    • Updated 19 days ago
    12.7M 447K

    "You're way off here, darling, because there is no gay in dis-nay, nor will there ever be. You're not a damsel. You're just in distress but I won't be saving y...