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  • Captured Hearts Book 1 in the Heart Series - Wattys 2015 Winner
    2.8M 168K 56

    Jenna Yousuf has everything all girls envy. A mansion, fancy cars, diamonds and jewels, closets filled with clothes, shoes and purses. A hot husband. But she isn't happy. Who could be when you were forced to marry a man you don't love just to save your family? She doesn't want to give him a chance, nor does she want t...

  • Breaking Point
    6.4K 915 20

    Abdullah Nasser, a determined perfectionist with superb grades and a guilty conscience, is caught in a brutal misunderstanding that leads the authorities to believe that he tried to kill someone, while his family slowly falls apart and his faith cracks under the pressure. Throughout it all Abdullah frequently wonders...

  • Truly Yours
    1.9M 72.1K 39

    Growing up wasn't easy for 22 year old Farrah Ahmed. Being a victim of cruel and relentless bullying in school had left her confidence in tatters and crippled with self-deprecating thoughts for years to come. However she discovered happiness once again with the help of her loving family and devoted friends, fulfilling...

  • So... Is This The End?
    8.8K 929 17

    This is based on two real incidents: -> Air Canada Flight 143 aka The Gimli Glider that crash-landed at Gimli Industrial Park Airport on July 23, 1983. -> US Airways Flight 1549 that crash-landed into the Hudson river on January 15, 2009.

  • Seeing What They See in Me *SLOW-ISH UPDATES*
    2.3K 203 17

    Eight. It's like my lucky number, but for the crappy stuff that happens in my life, too. There haven't been a lot of those things, but the event that did occur made me feel indescribable in (possibly) the worst way. So now I'm an empty shell. I don't talk to people and they don't talk to me, that's how I'm comfortabl...

  • To Buy the Sky
    230 22 3

    Followers, readers and friends; To Buy the Sky is finally here! _________________________________________________ To buy: (v.) to acquire the possession of, or the right to, by paying an equivalent. Sky: (n., informal) the highest level of attainment.

  • HCHBTF - Discontinued
    331K 12.8K 37

    [PG-13] Special Blessings #1 Hâroon Scott knew his four-year-old son had problems-it showed in his constant temper tantrums, his lack of interaction with those around him, and his inability to speak when other children of his age were already speaking and telling long tales. His lukewarm marriage was already dete...

  • Dumb Islamic Story Moments
    150K 10K 25

    How not to write an Islamic love story.

  • The Boy Who Tried To Escape Death
    6.5K 590 10

  • Azzam: The Sword of Samarkand
    965 83 5

    Know oh Believer that in the vast ocean of gleaming sands that is Arabia there are several gushing springs of pristine water that sustain the sprawling kingdoms of the Muslims. To the north, Kareemiya with its fleet-footed Arabian stallions and its slave markets, to the west Ashmunein known for its flowery poetry and...

  • Hidden Pearl [EDITING]
    48.4K 1.6K 26

    Jazirah is a muslim teen experiencing the ups and down that comes with life. She feels like she is losing all the people she holds dear to her heart. Jazirah will go through thing that will test her faith. Read on to see if she gives in to her desires.

  • Fate
    2.6K 74 3

    Ibtihaj Peterson was adopted at 6 months by a Muslim family because her biological mother gave her up. When she learns that her real mother wants to meet her Ibtihaj isn't sure how she should feel. And then when they tell her she has a twin brother more questions begin to form. C.J. Peterson has know all of his life a...

  • Street Runner
    3.9K 210 7

    Chase Gibbs is a street kid. After his mother kicks him out he finds it even harder to trust anyone. In New York City he sits on the corners and wait for people to toss him their spare change. In the city not many people take pity on a black 16 year old teen or anybody for that matter. When Chase unexpectedly meets Za...