SecretlyNinja's Reading List

  • A Door To Nowhere
    347K 13.2K

    It was Rory’s Grandma that made the two predictions; the day of her own death, and the day Rory would die. Nobody really takes Grandma seriously – that is, unt...

  • Friendship for Dummies
    9.3M 211K

    "Being reunited with your childhood best friend after eight years apart? Sounds like a heart-warming story. Finding out that said best friend is now a complete...

  • Things change
    78.6K 2.3K

    Shailene Adams in in her junior year of high school and things couldn't be any greater. That is until she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up...

  • Weeds
    1.5M 58.5K

    "They were elements that were not supposed to mix,but they were. And just like mixing hydrogen peroxide with Sulfuric Acid; Inevitable explosion.” *** "This...

  • Becoming Beautiful (Wattys2014)
    12.1M 314K

    Kennedy (Kenna) isn't known for her beauty. She’s never been complimented on her appearance unless being called beautiful by your family counts, and to Kenna...

  • Shrug
    293K 9.5K

    Lynn Prophet isn't a girl that's been through a car accident, abusive parents, or even below average grades. She's normal. No sob stories, no hero stories. But...

  • Man Hunt
    454K 19.4K

    Like the Hunger Games series? Then you'll love ''Man Hunt'' When Alice awakes in a small, bare room with nothing more than a letter, a backpack, a change of c...

  • The Monster Inside Of My Bed
    5.5M 208K

    (Entered for Wattys 2015) Who has a right to judge what is normal? For 18 year old Maria Valentino it was her parents, it was her friends and it was the doct...

  • His Melody |Complete|
    2.5M 76.4K

    * * * Quiet shelves full of records. Twinkling lights and posters. A timeless place in a changing world. Music shops are the perfect place to discover onese...

  • Quirky Romantic Queries About Love
    989K 27.6K

    (Sequel to Quirky Tale of April Hale) April thinks she has it all figured out. She will study film, a subject she's majorly passionate about. She will make mo...

  • The Cutie & The Boxer
    11M 180K

    Carrisa studies, Jason skips. Carrisa never swears, Jason's first language is 'fuck'. Carrisa is sweet, Jason fights. Carrisa and Jason didn't have much in...

  • The Boxer and I
    920K 22.3K

    "You save yourself or you remain unsaved." - Alice Sebold. °°° After a series of incidents that had emotionally and physically scarred Flo, she escaped from...

  • Living with the Bad Boy
    • xXMopelXx
    • 16 Parts
    • Updated Feb 06, 2016 12:48AM
    2M 26.9K

    [16+ to read. Crossover between Young Adult and New Adult] REVAMPED version. Can't see new updates? Delete and add story to library again. "Sometimes when you...

  • The Bad Boy's Dancer
    6.1M 99.8K

    Seventeen-year-old Flo doesn’t believe in falling in love. Life never seems to be easy for her and she is constantly battling with herself... and to live, so t...

  • Run Bad Boy Run (2012 - Complete -Unedited)
    14M 252K

    Ember Chance thought she'd seen the last of her tormentor when he was shipped away for good. Finally she was free of his bullying. But Hayden Cross is back and...

  • Dragonfly
    3M 41.2K

    * Recommended Read on USA Today's Happy Ever After blog. * #1 Wattpad Romance * The Fault in Our Stars "Extraordinary Love" Reading List selection * The Best o...

  • Subversive
    58.4K 1.8K

    In a future where people of Middle Eastern descent are not allowed to live freely in the United States and are forced to work in camps, seventeen-year-old Evan...

  • Racing Savannah
    304K 4.1K

    They're from two different worlds. He lives in the estate house, and she spends most of her time in the stables helping her father train horses. In fact, Sava...

  • Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board
    2.6M 37.8K

    McKenna Brady thinks her junior year of high school is going to be the best ever when she’s welcomed into the elite group of popular girls at Weeping Willow Hi...

  • The Cellar
    15.7M 234K

    For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. B...

  • Stripes
    257K 7.2K

    In a world where gay is right and straight is wrong, Madeline doesn't fit in. The government made sure of that when they stamped her wrist with a stripe, marki...

  • Six Months Later
    224K 3.9K

    Forgetting changed her... Remembering might destroy her. When Chloe fell asleep in study hall, it was the middle of May. When she wakes up, snow is on the gro...

  • The Runaways
    2.4M 50K

    Love's a disappearing act, death's an illusion. When Hailey Anderson, daughter of a dangerous D.C. senator, slams into Caleb Evans, a pretty boy with a millio...

  • Resistance
    109K 4.2K

    Sloane can't remember a thing. After hitting her head, every memory before that moment is lost. As she starts on the trail to remember her life, she learns tha...

  • The Criminal Calls Me Cupcake (Watty Winner 2013)
    1.3M 48.6K

    Watty Finalist: Mystery/Thriller, On the Rise I see him vividly in my head. Him. The guy who calls himself A for whatever reason. The guy dressed in a black c...

  • Trapped with an Arrogant Bad Ass [ WA WINNER '13]
    5.3M 144K

    *If you're reading this, STOP RIGHT NOW. I wrote this story when I was like 15-16. It has terrible grammar, horrible vocabulary, a heroine who you'll want to c...

  • How to Be Cliche (A Novel)
    5.4M 120K

    Cli·ché: a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. Meet Pepper Ballard. Independent, single, and sarcastic as hell. Pepper...

  • Million Dollar Man
    6.9M 203K

    Gangs. That was the one thing that had ruined Evelyn Summers life since the start. With her brother being the leader of “The London's Eyes,”growing up in a w...

  • Burning Moon - SYTYCW Winner #Wattys2014
    6M 99.3K

    WARNING: Being left at the altar in front of 500 wedding guests may lead to irrational behavior, causing you to go on your honeymoon alone. Other side- effects...

  • Marriage By Law (Published)
    34.8M 375K

    Completed Novel: Can be purchased on Amazon - Kindle and paperback. What happens when two are summoned together by a long remembered deal between two enemies...