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  • Arrows In The Heart of A Loved One
    1.1K 32 1

    This story takes place near the end of The Avengers. Clint is looking around New York for anymore Chitauri when Natasha pays him a visit. Clint ends up thinking it's one of the Chitauri.

  • The Necklace (Clintasha)
    922 31 1

    This is a Clintasha/blackhawk one-shot about Natasha's necklace in The Winter Soldier

  • Mission: Russia
    26.8K 968 19

    With Budapest still nagging them, Clint and Natasha are sent on another mission to Russia. It should be just another mission. But Natasha's past finally catches up to her. Will the two partners be able to overcome the horrors of Natasha's former agency? Or will one or both of them lose their lives to the Black Widow's...

  • Guilty All the Same {Clintasha}
    1.4K 65 2

    Clint has withdrawn from Natasha. He is still being haunted by Loki's possession. How far will Natasha go to get back the man she once knew? Dark things will come to light, and the two will have no choice but to face their feelings for each other. Dark and depressing. Set after The Avengers, but before Captain America...

  • A Maze Of Demons (Clintasha)
    364 25 1

    "And sometimes when they're beds became overturned and their minds became a maze with a demon waiting at ever end, he'd get whatever they had and drink it until there was nothing left, and she'd almost drown in the bathtub. But they'd always find each other; whether it was her finding him drunk on a balcony, or him wa...

  • Red Ledgers
    40.5K 1.3K 29

  • Heart break
    9.4K 397 13

    clintasha <3

  • Dear Natasha
    6.9K 305 11

    Clint writes letters to Natasha during his times of struggle but they are most definitely not meant to be read by anyone but himself. This is the story of two assassins and their struggle to find emotional communication, something they both pretty much suck at.

  • My Dearest Natasha
    19.3K 1.6K 24

    Clint Barton writes letters to Natasha Romanoff after she falls into a coma and is predicted to never wake up again.

  • One Of Many Missions (An Avengers Clintasha Story)
    260 9 1

    Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and her partner Clint Barton (Hawkeye) embark on a mission in the dessert.

  • Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
    16.9K 358 8

    Trying to bring Hawkeye and Black Widow together, Tony sets Clint up with another agent, hoping to make Natasha jealous. However, the scheme goes awry when it works too well, and Clint begins to develop feelings for the new girl.

  • Budapest
    19.9K 597 10

    What happened in Budapest?

  • It Means Everything
    1.4K 89 1

    "This means nothing." - Clintasha one shot

  • The Budapest Objective
    22.3K 1K 18

    Objective: Budapest. Sounds easy, just a guy making a weaponized army. Nothing Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff haven't handled before. However, these crazy accidents are starting to get concerning. And Clint's secret interest in his partner isn't something she's going to stand for, and he knows it. But, then again...

  • Old Wounds
    13K 481 16

    Assassins. Recruited by SHIELD and made partners on missions, assassins Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff could call each other one thing: a friend. Being assassins, trouble always seems to be following them. The life of a killer is no easy job, but when Natasha's memories from the Red Room begin to return, the job be...

  • Unmade
    2.1K 112 4

    "Do you know what it's like to be unmade?" "You know I do." They see each other as Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton, not the infamous Black Widow and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, master assassin and marksman, Hawkeye. Natasha and Clint had been partners, best friends, and eventually lovers, for as long as they can remember. T...

  • Clintasha ~ Unknown 24 Hours .
    7.3K 201 6

  • Clintasha One-Shots
    4.7K 149 4

    A series of some of my Clintasha stories. Comment requests!