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  • Girl meets world
    32.8K 709 27

    So farkle and riley are dating and Lucas and Maya are dating to but then it turns into Rilaya

  • Girl meets world
    216K 5.6K 71

    This story will have some filey and defiantly lots of laya. It won't all be love their will be some drama.

  • Riley and Maya something more?
    25.6K 644 11

    Riley and Maya have been best friends for as long as they can remember. One day, when Lucas friar moves to New York....things change. Maya starts to Develop feelings for Riley. Will Riley feel the same way?

  • Rebel Friar
    9.4K 448 27

    Maya's world is flipped as she reaches love in her twisted life. She has to decide between two boys with completely different personalities, and find out whether she's ready to leave her troubled past behind her and start over. Are you Lucaya or Joshaya?--y'all I made this story in 6th grade, don't troll me

  • Maya/Riley's Love Story
    3.8K 75 2

    Cory's Pov: I'm telling the class about the project that they are going to start today but as I take a glance at maya I see her staring at my daughter Riley. "Maya are you paying attention to what I'm saying?" I said. "Sorry Mr Matthews I was daydreaming about something" Maya said. "Would you care to explain what you...