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  • Avengers In High School ((Editing))
    36.8K 1.2K 19

    The Avengers have had to defeat many powerful foes, but can the teenage version of then defeat High School?

    39K 1.2K 34

    Join Superman as he takes on the Dark Knight, Batman in how I think the Man of Steel 2 should go.

  • The Next Avengers
    2.4K 150 9

    The Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes aren't just heroes they are real people and real people get married and have kids. Which is just what the Avengers did and now that something has happened to the Avengers, it's time for the Avengers kids to become earths newest heroes.

  • Avengers Next Generation(On Hold&Major Editing)
    2.4K 56 5

    Long ago, when the world was filled with nothing but chaos and disorder and villains, the world needed a group of heroes to stop them before anymore innocent blood was shed. That's when a group was formed: The soldier, The spy, The giant, The pixie, The ghost, The witch, The speedster, The archer, The king, The beast...

  • Wonder Woman: A Living Legend
    8K 102 4

    Princess Diana of Themyscira was destined for great things since her creation. A young woman that loves her home, she goes against her mothers, wishes and competes in the contest ordered to be held by the Gods, to send an emissary into Man's world. Being as powerful as she is, she easily defeats her Amazonian sisters...

  • Wonder Woman: Return of the Baroness
    2K 35 3

    When Princess Diana arrives in Washington DC, she starts a new chapter of her life in a new country, with new friends, and even a new identity. Unfortunately, a new villain is also coming to America who is coming to destroy. Baroness Paula Von Gunther has returned to Germany to rebuild the Third Reich and avenge its d...

  • The Elementals [Watty Awards 2012 Action Winner]
    2.7M 64.9K 26

    Winner of Most Popular in the Action category in the 2012 Watty Awards. Most Read in 2013. Valerie is Water-Abled. At the age of sixteen she was able to manipulate and freeze water molecules. After she graduates high school she's shocked to find that she was accepted to a university she never applied for - Abled Unive...

  • Our Little Secret (A Spitfire Fanfiction)
    42K 1.5K 14

    Wally's gone. Or is he? It's been about three months since he disappeared, and Artemis is determined to get him back- at any cost. But when she starts getting sick, will she be able to continue her search? [Set after "Stay With Me"] 1st Place in the DC Watty Awards Artemis Crock Category

  • Zatanna and Artemis
    2.1K 81 7

    This is a story about best friends Zatanna and Artemis, because there is not a lot of stories about them.

  • SuperMartian One-Shots
    56.3K 1.8K 82

    Okay, since none of you lemmings out there want to write SuperMartian fanfics, I guess I'll write another one! MWAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, this book will probably end up gathering dust in my list of works, but I mean it, people! Why won't anyone out there write a SuperMartian fanfic? I've met plenty of SuperMartian shippers, b...

  • Justice League: Generation Worth Millions
    90.2K 2.2K 34

    The fate of the world falls into the hands of a partying Kryptonian, a moody clone, a time-traveling speedster, a nerd who can fight, a Martian who bakes, and a teenage girl in the middle of an existential crisis. Cool. -------- Krystal is the long lost daughter of Bruce Wayne, result of a one night stand the bachel...

  • Diary of a speedster
    3.8K 288 10

    Wally's diar-I mean..cough cough..journal. See some of Wally's wacky everyday life with cookie thieves, hamster balls, sharpies and A LOT of pranks and stuffz :3 I think the description or title is pretty self explainable (yep my english sucks) I'll try to have ideas to put in here. Its hard thou. But don't worry. Wri...

  • Young Justice Chatroom
    96.3K 3.2K 17

    Robin just had to make a chatroom and now crazy things are happening. Love, pranks, jokes, heart breaks, and a whole lot of funny. #Wattys2015

  • 5 Potatoes
    1K 190 16

    5 sisters are all alone. They travel all around the place and have a thing about stealing. They are good, but they can't resist. Are they just a bunch of orphans or is there more to them then meets the eye.

  • Once Upon A Time High
    1.3K 68 17

    Join your favorite disney characters as they embark throughout high school with the motto "Making dreams a reality since 1888" and journey with them as they discover if the motto is true. Belle has just moved from France and is rather anxious about beginning in a new place, Charming has stretched himself too thin and...

  • Is It Wally? (Spitfire Young Justice)
    195K 5.7K 32

    Wally and Artemis Are both having a difficult Time with their feelings towards Each other. Will they end up together? Or will they stay enemies?