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  • Zahra: Life's Lessons
    28.6K 283 20

    80.7K 668 30

  • It's My Life.
    51.6K 218 35

    Meckk Meckk; I Can't Be Fucked For Decriptionss. JUSS REAAD. :)

  • My Boo
    2.8K 34 5

  • Fair Warning
    17.7K 286 24

    21st Century London, every one is an individual. Technologies surrounds almost to the point of suffocation. People do their daily routines with no change. Very suddenly, everything is turned on it's head, and chaos erupts like a war zone. Casulaties around the city are rapidly rising to the point where they can't be c...

  • Gangster Love
    111K 981 19

    Gangster Love is a heart-warming story about a young girl searching for love. Follow Kemmie on her journey to find true love but as we all realise in our day to day lives some things are easier said than done. By Scribblez aka Mesha x

  • Michelle's Story
    20.2K 27 35

    Right Ex-Bebos Or Never Bebos This Is My 1ST Ever Story..( Dont Woerry They Do Get Better) Wrote In 08-09 So Its Kinah Long..... Just Your Normal Girl Livin In A Hurtul World.

    Completed   Mature
  • Jump for Joy
    21.5K 210 14

    Jump for Joy is about a normal girl who has only been notice on occasions by boys and hasnt had a boyfriend in her life because she is to shy. But when that 1 person come into her life troulbe starts to appear into her normal day life leaving heartbreak, surrow, angry,enemies, suspision , even happiness, closer friend...

    Completed   Mature
  • La'Storm - It's Just Me.
    9.5K 144 6

    Still not over her mums death La'storm seeks love realizing that she feels alone. She finds herself getting hurt to many times...she finds love, but with someone she never expected.

  • your book's title
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