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  • The Boy Who Ate My Soul.
    368K 4.3K 23

    Jade Devaul's life was pretty simple, until her boyfriend of five years dumps her! Then somehow, she found herself at the mercy of a soul stealer. A really hot soul stealer. To keep herself alive, Jade has to comply to all of Lukale's demands. But when demands turn into passion, she finds herself falling. Hard.

  • Bitter Sweet...
    2K 111 15

    He wanted her even though he would never admit it to me and most importantly I wanted her and she was mine, she would be mine. Even if I had to dispose of him, I could easily take him. After I was done with her and if I hadn’t killed him he could have her when I was finished with her. I just wanted to taste her and fe...

  • A Thief for a Bride
    190K 4.7K 19

    Genevieve Simone knows she faces certain death when she and her 'family' attempt to steal from a powerful duke. When he offers her a chance to save herself and the others from the gallows she immediately accepts all the while wondering why he would save someone like her. When Desmond La Croix finds he has nearly been...

  • The Accidental Siren
    2.9M 9.9K 74

    Mara Lynn is the most beautiful girl in the world. James Parker is the ordinary boy who discovers her power. Set on the beaches of Michigan in 1994, the book depicts the joys and consequences of young love as Mara and James meet, shoot a movie, fend off bullies, and explore the potential of infinite beauty. "The Accid...

  • Reapers: Joannes Story
    37.2K 556 23

    Joanne Smith is dying. There's a man - one that only she can see - that follows her. Joanne has cancer and is no longer responding to treatment. All that's left is to make her comfortable and wait for her to pass. But this man, doesn't want her to die. He has a fascination with her - one that's forbidden. Joanne think...

  • Blood And Silence ON HOLD
    10.3K 279 13

    PREVIOUSLY TITLED 'THE VAMPIRE AND THE MUTE'. For most of Clara's life, she has been mute. At only five years old, all of her family but her grandparents died in a house fire. She was discovered several meters from the burning building by paramedics. And twelve years later, her grandparents, her only family, also per...

  • Forever Dead
    4.2M 69.2K 28

    Nocte Defunctorum...also known as Night of the Dead. One night of every twenty years vampires can come into the human world and take Potential Mates. Audrina Knight has every intention of staying human, and not getting invovled with vampires...unlike her best friend and classmates. She wears a simple mask, invisible t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Nutcracker Bleeds (PUBLISHED 2017)
    83.5K 1.3K 40

    A horrific retelling of the Nutcracker story. On Christmas Eve in 1905, a household in London finds itself under a centuries-old curse when a strange new toy is brought into the house. A young nanny named Anne is immersed in the horrific world of her unstable charge, Olivia, when a bite from a mouse makes her the size...

  • Jack and Jill (novel preview)
    126K 1.2K 9

    ((FULL VERSION AVAILABLE ON KINDLE, 9/9/14!)) Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack's a preacher's handsome son and Jill's a drunkard's daughter... Jill is a melancholy girl, strange to most; cursed to others. Her home is an isolated village where old superstitions are the key to normality. She...

  • Finvarra's Circus
    2.6M 50.6K 33

    Born with a damaged heart, Leanna Weston has lived a sheltered life with little chance at adventure. When she hears that Finvarra's Circus is coming to her small town, she sneaks off to witness the magic first hand, sure that this is her only chance at experiencing true magic-even if the frightening rumors about the...

  • Sweet Madness (Editing)✔️
    10M 197K 33

    (2012 Watty Award Winner for Most Popular in Horror) Angeles has a dull life. There is nothing exciting or thrilling about her. However, that was until she met him. He will make her world crumble around her, making her wish she could have her dull life back. Who is he? Who knows? He is whose name shall not be spoken o...

  • Beware, He's Watching
    2.4K 61 4

    Life is a dull gray blur for Louise Anderson. Completely friendless and socially scorned, she has never felt more hopeless. But when she finally starts chatting up with this cute looking guy online, she thinks she might have found some companionship. But this man wants more than friendship. He wants much more...