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  • Shape Shifting Love
    2.7K 223 24

    When Michaela and Masons' families are lost forever to a car crash they move to a care home to stay for a while until unexpected events happen which will only make their lives ten times worse.

  • Just One Night
    25.8M 231K 32

    "Here's what I want you to do," I began, trailing my hands up his muscular body to wrap my arms around his neck. "I want you to do me, and do me hard. Then, I want you to let me go and never mention this to anyone." Taylor Quessie is tired of being a virgin. Everyone tells her she should wait until she meets someone s...

  • Forbidden Love Never Lasts
    2.2K 48 6

    Guess who used to be an awkward, weird, smart ass teenager that had nothing to live for other than her best friends? Emily Jewels, that's who. But all of that had to change when she and her best friends found out one thing that was being hidden from them for so long. That they were demi gods. Emily was then pulled int...

    69.6K 1.7K 14

    *CURRENTLY BEING EDITED* I am editing this story in the hopes to look at publishing, please be patient with me while this is happening *** "Why?" I asked my reflection softly before crying out louder, "WHY ME?" I screamed, not caring if anyone heard me, or thought I was dying. I was confused, I was lost and I was hur...

  • Red Velvet [The Boy Next Door]
    888K 10.4K 13

    New Title: Red Velvet [previously named The Boy Next Door] New Cover: Made by @itsjennab Ember Callaway is your average seventeen year old student from Shallows Falls High School. She's used to being ignored, invisible, always hiding in the background - she prefers it that way. However, when a mysterious boy b...

  • I've been a very bad babysitter (Old and unedited) 2013
    12.7M 171K 26

    Kalise is always surrounded by a bunch of kids. A bunch of evil little monsters that is. She's been a babysitter for the last few years, and hates every minute of it. Everyone has to get by and make money some how. While her best friend and roommate Luna, spends most of her time sleeping with the helpless, lost single...

  • Moonlight Madness Book 1 (Watty Awards 2012)
    557K 7.8K 6

    Leah was having a time adjusting to her new life after her mother remarried. Her step brother hated her, she had trouble making new friends and she would rather just find a quiet corner to read in than attend a high school party like the rest of her class. That all seems to change when she comes in contact with her...

  • Enjoying the Chase (SAMPLE ONLY. PUBLISHING SPRING 2014)
    6.3M 51.4K 38

    **** THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE OF THE STORY NOW. ENJOYING THE CHASE IS BEING PUBLISHED SPRING 2014 SO I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE MOST OF IT FROM WATTPAD**** Nate Peters is a player. He has great friends, a great job, no responsibilities, no girlfriend and he LOVES it. He's never failed to get a girl in his life, that is until...

  • Bloodlust & heartbreak
    99K 1K 29

    Eliza Rose is the lead Hunter for her clan, The Rose-clan. Her mission: find and kill the main Hunter of her opposing clan. But what happens when the man she needs to kill turns out to be the man she falls in love with? Cover by Fena/ir0nna

  • A Pirates Kiss: Sunken Treasures
    3.3M 111K 38

    Circe is back and she is up in the air. Literally. She is a guest at the Royal Air Temples and with Nathaniel back by her side, she suddenly feels as though she can take on the world. But the world might be slightly bigger than Circe has expected. What is she to make of the Queen of the Air, who seems to hold all the...

  • How It Feels To Be Stalked by 4 Sexy Teenage Boys
    1.9K 40 6

    Jessica is an only child. Has good grades. And lives the normal American girl life. Her mother supports and encourages her dating and her father is gone at work too much to care. Jessica's beautiful with dark brown hair and eyes. Her light skin and great figure.....but just doesn't like dating. Boys are big oversized...

  • Love and Cool Water
    1.4M 12K 28

    Rhylee Cameron unwillingly finds herself sucked into the world of swimmers, swim meets and trials, all under the watchful eye of a hotheaded Coach. But when Rhylee's world crumbles around her, it's Luke Taylor that is there to pick up the pieces and put her back together again....

  • Believe Me, I'm Lying
    23.6M 407K 36

    When 17 year old Harley finds herself jobless, she needs a new job-- and quick. Her uncle comes to her house with a job offer. For her to become a teacher at his school. A school for delinquents. Watty Awards 2010 Winner of Best Overall, Best Romance, Best Female Lead, and Best Cast!

  • The Kissing Booth [SAMPLE] - Coming to Netflix May 11
    4.5M 44.3K 6

    Meet Elle Evans. Pretty, popular - and never been kissed. Meet Noah Flynn. Badass, volatile - and a total player. And also Elle's best friend's older brother... When Elle decides to run a kissing booth for the school's Spring Carnival, she locks lips with Noah and her life is turned upside down. Her head says to keep...

  • A Surreptitious Relationship
    31.6M 449K 61

    Chris and Holly's relationship is finally perfect. With no gangs to harass them, the only thing they have to worry about it keeping their relationship a secret from the student body and faculty at school. Simple enough. Except when have things ever been that simple for these two? Cue in the appearance of two new stud...

  • The Baby Project
    2.3M 63.8K 10

    Avery and Andrew have been best friends since middle school; they're close. But they're about to get a whole lot closer when paired up for the project like no other: the baby project.

  • Friendship for Dummies
    13.2M 385K 36

    "Being reunited with your childhood best friend after eight years apart? Sounds like a heart-warming story. Finding out that said best friend is now a complete jerk who's determined to make your life hell? Not so much." Georgie and Connor were once inseparable. Best friends from birth, they did everything together - w...

  • To Be 2 People
    160 12 6

    Serena grew up miserable with her rich yet neglecting parents. She finds her self running away and taken in by 2 extremely sexy boys that save her in the allies. These boys change her life perminantly but shes not sure if it's for better or worse. She's caught between 2 worlds either one can save her from the other. B...

  • Sweet Love of Mine
    2.4M 53.6K 33

    Emily Weatherly was no gently-bred London debutante. In fact, she had thrived on the streets of London, a pickpocket and urchin, until Fate threw her lot in with the Weatherly's, a prestigious family who unselfishly raised her as their own and protect her from a heinous secret that could destroy her life. Despite this...

  • In a heart beat
    5.7K 169 22

    Sixteen year old Avery White's life hasn't been spent just smelling the roses, having lost her father when she was very young. His death has haunted her ever since, invading her waking mind, and also her vulnerable dreams. Her mom has just been re-married which means Avery's moving to a new town called Neah Bay. Thing...

  • A Mistaken Kiss
    6.6M 56.7K 36

    Joanna(Joey) has spent most of her life since her parents' divorce caring for her three year old brother, Mason. That's what she does while her mother goes out every night with a random guy. Joey's life has revolved around her brother. But when her mother decides that one pair of eyes just isn't enough, Joey finds her...

  • A Tantalizing Kiss
    1.3M 19.8K 29

    Mason Johnson's life can in no way be described as perfect. He lives with his sister and her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Caden. All his life he's grown up around drugs, yet some how Mason's stayed clean. It's junior year in high school for this 16 year old and he's just coasting through classes. But when his Drama t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Him and Other Things
    3.3K 65 12

    Only the strongest Love can survive the worst of life.

  • Rooming with Mr. Perfect
    3.4M 40.8K 44

    {EDITING} | He hates her. She kind of hates/loves him. What happens when they are stuck together in the same dorm room fir six months? | It was five years. Five years since Danielle lost everything in her life. A best friend. A guy she had a secret crush on. A family. And now she is all alone, fighting the demons in h...

  • A run in with Logan Lerman
    119K 2.2K 18

  • Love From Pain (A Logan Lerman story)
    358K 6.8K 27

    19 year old Aubrey Jones is bestfriends with the talented and attractive Logan Lerman and his girlfriend Alexis (Lexie) Munez. When tragedy strikes Aubrey is forced to hold secrets that Logan is not sopposed to know. Her relationship with him is altered and may be changed forever once he learns certain truths about Le...

  • Superman Stole My Panties
    4.9M 97.5K 29

    Senior year couldn't be better. Avery Nelson's finally dumped her brain-dead boyfriend, she's taking all easy classes, and she finally has a job working at the local McDonald's. Her life couldn't get any better. But when McDonald's gets robbed by a psycho with a gun to the back of her head, Avery can feel everything f...

  • An Unexpected Meeting. [Logan Lerman Fan fiction]
    49.8K 842 11

    When Leanne has the chance to go to a film premiere and see her celebrity crush, Logan Lerman she grabs it with both hands. Although the evening does not go to plan, an unexpected meeting could change her life forever, but will it be for the better or will it be worse?

  • You Belong with Me (A Logan Lerman Love Story) - || Discontinued||
    20.9K 361 7

    Samantha Evans is a bossy over-achiever who goes to Beverly Hills for an internship in Lerman & Son. Everything goes well until a certain blue-eyed boy decides to crash into her life. Can Logan get the girl this time?

  • A Little Thing Called Love
    481 8 2

    Whats there to explain? Zoey Ford is a bubbly, fun nineteen year old that is looking for a summer job. When she ends up getting a job as an assistant, she doesn't know what to think of it other than her following someone around and doing whatever they wanted her too. But man was she wrong. She has to assist the famous...