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  • Lie to me {Rewriting}
    18.1K 267 12

    "Lie to me." I whispered. And slowly you replied, "Everything will be alright." After being bumped from foster home to foster home all her life, 17 year old Katherine White finds herself in Valley Falls, Kansas city. She just wants to get through the last year of high school and then take off to college and get an ap...

  • IN-WORLD ~ Book I ~ Vampyre Rising ~ by PJ Perry
    24.7K 146 40

    PJ Perry's 1st Novel of the 'In-World' series brings you Vampyre Rising, for adults only. What happens when life on your planet is threatened with extinction by meteor destruction? You go inside it of course using the planets molten core as a surrogate sun! Using the world's magic a new world is hollowed out inside of...

  • Knight Casefiles Book 1: Revelations
    2M 4.3K 41

    Monsters. Fairytale creatures. Aboriginal deities. These are only some of the things that Christopher Pierce has to deal with in his everyday life. It's just that "everyday" happens to be filled with strange, magical, and most of the time unpleasant things. Chosen as a Knight, a champion of humanity, and the rightf...