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  • Life's Not Fair
    124K 1.4K 28

    Meet Sha'riah Brooks and Marcus Weller: a pair of inseparable best friends who face everything together—and just happen to be Kayden’s mum and dad. Here, we travel back in time to before Mr. Slanted-Smile was born, and witness the issues they both faced as young teenagers. When Sha'riah discovers she must move to Live...

  • Leah ; Part'One ; 'LOVE' So Many People Use Your Name In Vain
    1.3K 38 3

    Description is LONG ! Read It , And Find Out Yourself ; )

  • Kailanni - The Life Of Grime & The Hood.
    16K 178 7

    It's a struggle for Kailanni growing up in the hood, where crime rates are high. She finds a breakthrough, but once she gets what she was working so hard for she wonders, is it worth it?

  • Watch My Shoes (Before There's Footsteps Left Behind)
    4.5K 86 9

    This is a partly-true story about an African-American teenage girl who is a Philadelphia Native. She went to live with her bitter Aunt after her mother died and father went to jail for life. She spent many years with her troubled aunt, being verbally abused and physically battered. So one day, she finally decided to r...

  • Boys Have Feelings Too
    2.7K 47 3

    Trey is the guy that every girl around ends wants! He's hot, plays football, knows probably everyone and but is looked to highly by other people. Especially when he really likes this girl Vanessa aka Ness, but she rejects him because she doesn't believe it'll work. Trey's going to face so much problems but maybe Vanes...

  • Gangster Love
    111K 981 19

    Gangster Love is a heart-warming story about a young girl searching for love. Follow Kemmie on her journey to find true love but as we all realise in our day to day lives some things are easier said than done. By Scribblez aka Mesha x

    80.8K 669 30

  • Life's a Bitch
    40.4K 562 18

    If you believe your life is a mess, you haven't heard Kim's tale. Kimberly Jones has endured a rough life. After her parents' tragic deaths, she had no choice but to move in with her wealthy auntie and troublesome cousins. Rendered hopeless and alone in the world - also being misunderstood - has spiralled her chronic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty's Not Everything - But Sometime's It Helps (Originally Called
    4.1K 60 6

    MECK MECK - MECKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I Still Can't Be Fuck With A Descriptionnn. Dick Edds. Nahh I LOVE YOU ALL MAN!

    57.4K 594 18

  • Disorientation
    72.5K 952 28

    Life has never been so straightforward for Erica...actually she wouldn't even know it. Being struck down by a car and left in a coma for five months has left her in a critical condition: amnesia. Being hated by almost everyone at school, having boys hunt her down for things she no longer remembers and much more can le...

  • It's My Life.
    51.6K 218 35

    Meckk Meckk; I Can't Be Fucked For Decriptionss. JUSS REAAD. :)

  • Becca's Moments
    812K 9.4K 51

    It's hard to put your trust in others. Becca knows this more than anyone. When Kayden Brooks enters her life, everything takes a drastic turn. Becca will learn that trust is more crucial than anything else as she undergoes numerous challenges in her life. Filled with humour, raunchy romance, thrilling twists and const...

  • Tasha Lifee Ptsz
    14.7K 35 8

  • Swagger Chapter Two
    19.9K 183 7

    Completed   Mature
  • Swagger Chapter One
    40.5K 394 11

    Completed   Mature
  • Lovers or Friends
    50.9K 721 8

  • Zahra: Life's Lessons
    28.6K 283 20

  • Tiny Rage
    8.1K 106 16

    Two Brothers, Two Friends, Bestfirneds, Ride Or Die's, Partners in Crime ETC... This Story is About The Troubles Life Of Two Brothers and How One of Them Deal with The Death of One Brother. Stick Around To Find Out More About Tiny Rage

    Completed   Mature
  • Hidden
    15.5K 200 9

  • We Can't Be Friends
    118K 1.3K 22

    Brielle Reason and Omari Ellis, have been best friends since they were born. Neither thought they would ever love each other in a sense, other then friends. But life is full of surprises.

  • Sinead- I had one too many
    108K 492 46

    Sinead had met her first real boyfriend through high school. They had stayed extremely strong through till college when he had suddenly left her stranded, hurt and confsued. With no warning he had packed all his things and disapeared for a year. He did come back though but she had then turned into a new Sinead. She fo...

  • Rhiannon
    32.8K 298 26

    Rhiannon is an honest, open person. Living with only her dad, she learns that her mum is still alive and grows a lot closer to her best friend Malik. There is a lot of history she doesn't understand and wonders why people after her for a reason she doesn't know. After a pregnancy scare, she becomes more responsible bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trust
    123K 1.3K 33

    Shayna keeps quiet about her boyfriend abusing her and her younger sister becoming pregnant yet, her mum doesn't seem to notice her daughters change. Once Shayna meets Dominic her life changes but he comes with a package...

    Completed   Mature
  • Roommates
    52.6K 506 8

  • Swagger Chapter Three
    25.3K 245 11

    Completed   Mature