• Need To Read!!!
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    Welcome, this is where I share the awesome books that I have read here on wattpad and where you choose whether you want to read them or not. Have fun reading t...

  • Buttercup Hill: Recipes
    15.9K 201

    A cook book of all our family favorites, and delicious homemade recipes :D

  • Scarred
    2.5K 41

    Kiro has always questioned his past, born and sold to a assassin guild: The Silverani. He has never known his family or his past all he knows is that he is fr...

  • Wattpad Reviewed
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    A collection of reviews featuring my favorite books currently available on Wattpad ... Presented in no particular order and posted purely for your enjoyment.

  • Struck By Madness
    4.1K 174

    Ella has lived a sheltered life with no one but the people who run her home and Sin, her white wolf-husky mix. She could never imagine what she really is, but...

  • My Requiem of Fate ((On Hold))
    5.7K 94

    Luna Be'Claire has lived a life she does nothing but regret about. A slave to a trap set upon her, she longs for someone to help her escape her torment. But ev...

  • The Hunger Games: The Violent Hour
    337K 3K

    President Paylor has been assassinateded by Alva Snow; who returns to take over Panem with a fiery vengance. The 77th Hunger Games have officially begun. Silve...

  • Fallen from Grace
    4.8K 170

    Meet Grace, your normal red-haired brown eyed girl. Except for the fact she is the disgraced daughter of Poseidon. She broke the Ultimate Law not to speak to a...

  • A New Breed
    1.6K 52

    Gina moves to Gusty Pines Colorado hoping to start her new business in the busy little tourist town and start a new life away from her fathers ranch. Chris is...

  • The Crazed Werewolf Next Door
    256K 2.9K

    Cruelty was a daily dish that Zaul served fresh to any one that was in front of him. It was how he lived and thrived, the thing that helped him cope with his s...