Roxanna_1997's Reading List

  • Born Of Fire
    • GhostNinja
    • 65 parts
    3.1M 31.7K

    Phoenix is a young Fire Elemental from a city in the fire country called Yaag. He has the altogether unheard of ability to receive fallen Elementals powers for...

  • Living Royal
    • DeePattinson
    • 41 parts
    578K 6.3K

    Bella Swan, college student, never thought her college experience would be beyond average. That is until she meets and falls in love with the Prince of England...

  • In Alpin Wood
    • MKBackstrom
    • 13 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    10.8K 291

    "I'm ready to go home now," Tinsley spoke through heavy breath. The crimson pool expanded across the snow, filling her nostrils with a sickening metallic sme...

  • I went Clubbing in Hell
    • StorySpinner
    • 1 part
    36.6K 883

    What happens if you walk barefoot at midnight? You would probably say nothing happens but have you ever tried walking barefoot five steps away from the extreme...

  • The Devil's Rose
    • BryttBrutal
    • 47 parts
    77.7K 1.2K

    When Joei loses the man of her dreams, she starts to believe that life is of no use. After a suicide attempt and a failed trip to a psychologist, all hope of...

  • Her Witty Revenge
    • miss_oline
    • 3 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    19.9K 395

    I am dead and I’m playing hide and seek with the Death Messeger a.k.a the Angel of Death. I want to plan my revenge. To the jerk who broke my heart. To my fak...

  • Breaking Jacob (2nd in Breaking Series)**now available for purchase**
    • conleyswifey
    • 21 parts
    88.9K 944

    This is the second story in my 'Breaking' Series. Jacob Atkinson is lonely and longs for a woman he can call his own. Then along comes Alice and she is just wh...