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  • August Kids Nightmare
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    Hey dudes it us Roc and Desiree we both are drunks and we smoke.We have two children named Chresanto Dawn Jr August(2) and Kelsie Jayla August(2),they live with their parents but maybe will be taken away cause they are abused and there grandparents don't believe them.What will they do will they make it ???

  • Charmed™
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    Charmed explores the relationship between three sisters, each one has a specific power,the eldest has the power to move things with her mind, the middle sister can freeze time, and the youngest can see into the past, present and future. SOME IDEAS ARE MINE AND SOME ARE NOT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains mater...

  • Poisoned Innocence - discontinued.
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    - my works # 3 - To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by your limbs and swing you around is another. It's the needle that pierces us, carries around a thread to bind us to heaven. The lengthened shadow of ignorance. To me, fear is a controlling trait that can slap you the around and make you do whatever the hell...

    Completed   Mature