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  • Forbidden love [GirlxGirl]
    18.2K 667 25

    Two girls. One from a cult, One from a typical American city. One of them never learnt how to love, The other one never knew who to love. Until... A Rumspringa, A gay pride, And a meeting.

  • Beauty Killed the Beast
    13.7K 496 38

    The Beast is a troubled young woman with a tattoo across her face and a set of criminally inclined housemates. Twisted with anger, hate, and worst of all, love, her life is a lonely castle, locked up and forgotten with her still inside. And somewhere the mob is beginning to murmur her name. Beauty is a bright young si...

  • The Trio (Camren)
    256K 10.2K 18

    The Trio were the three most talked about siblings ever. They were hot, rich, powerful and unique in their own ways. They may seem perfect but they faced a tragedy long ago before anyone even knew who they were but that tragedy led them to become the owners of the most successful club in the WORLD. They don't date, th...

  • вad нaвιтѕ
    28.8K 1.9K 13

    Description: Onika has been going through it ever since the one girl she thought would last forever. She begins to drink,smoke and fuck anything she sees that runs off of estrogen, human wise. She picks up bad habits and it just won't stop. She's a heartless bitch now and all she does is use women for her own needs an...

  • The Unwanted adoption (Completed)
    62.2K 2.1K 29

    Melissa is a free spirit she does what she wants, when she wants and doesn't take no for an answer. She's been on the street all her life her past is everything but pleasant. One day singer Demi Lovato comes to visit her care home looking for a child. Demi found interest in Melissa but there's one problem, the young...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Of Hell {Demi Lovato}
    36.4K 907 33

    After her mothers death, Demi changes. She doesn't want to be loved. She doesn't want to love. She doesn't believe in it. But a new girl moves in across the street. After watching the girl for weeks, feelings for her grow. Demi tries to push the feelings away but she can't. She gets angry. She doesn't want to get atta...

  • Lost In the Moment
    35.6K 1.2K 15

    Demi Lovato is at the first show of her world tour in Maryland. She's out side in an alleyway during intermission when someone tried to attack her. She's saved by a lovatic, who continues to be her focus the whole show. What happens when Demi wants to get to know this girl better?

  • Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Demi Lovato FanFiction) gxg
    31.3K 1.1K 22

    What happens when Avia comes across the one and only Demi Lovato? How will she react and will there be more occasions for both of them to meet again ? Read to find out how and if their relationship will develop.

  • Until You're Mine
    13.7K 418 14

    Chloe is a girl from Ohio who moved to LA. She was popular back home. She has 2 brothers, Jason and Mike. Mike is adopted but they all love him. The first day of school starts good, but when she meets Demi, everything chances.

  • Ill fix yor heart
    4.6K 59 10

    Taylor is bullied and broken when she suddenly finds herself becoming a fan of Demi Lovato. One day after breaking down Taylor meets her idol who decides to help her... What will happen? Read the fanfic and find out!!!

  • BOOK 2: Starting Over (lesbian story)
    106K 2.8K 47

    Liz and Demi meet up again after being apart for a year. When they finally do get together again will they be able to love each other like they use to. Will Demi be able to love like she has never been hurt? And will the Lovatics accept the relationship? Find out in book two!

  • More Than Another Fan!
    324K 8.9K 76


  • Unexpected Love (Lesbian Story)
    11.7K 302 16

    Rachel was bored with her life. She has a great job opportunity, yet does not appreciate it. She lives each day in and out just going through the motions, until she saw Jenna for the first time. Just the short interaction was enough to change her life forever. After a turn of events, the two girls get close and Rachel...

  • *SAMPLE* Capture This [GirlxGirl]
    4M 22.8K 6

    Alex Valentine. 22. Model. She had a life of glitz and glam, unlimited riches, gourmet food and hot toy boys whenever and wherever. She was loved, hated, envied and admired. She lived the ideal life. Rose English. 21. Photographer. She came from an honest, working class family which was crumbling around her. And fast...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love At First Day (GxG) <3
    17.5K 350 9

    Alexandria is a bit of a tomboy… okay so maybe she’s a lot like a tomboy, most of her friends are guys, but hardly any friends of the female kind, maybe only one or two, because of this her mother sends her away to an all girl’s school. What seems to be a disaster for Alexandria is actually a blessing in disguise, Ale...

  • My Brother's Girlfriend
    3.7M 90.3K 33

    It wasn't supposed to be like this. You were supposed to be just like the rest. You weren't supposed to be special. I wasn't supposed to hurt him. I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you, my brother's girlfriend.

  • Death Is My BFF (Book 1 - Watty Award Winner 2011) *ORIGINAL SERIES*
    20.5M 710K 53

    This is the first book of the Original Death Is My BFF Series, which has been OPTIONED BY SONY PICTURES TV (YAY) and won the Watty Awards in 2011! *** Death came knocking at her door. Well actually, he pounded. Faith Williams has always been a little odd, but never before did she think she was one of a kind. Enter Dea...

  • What It's Like To Be Me
    1.3K 7 3

    Peyton Wright had everything going for her: friends, in line for the Cheer captain spot at school, but when the decision to come out of the closet ends up backfiring on her, she goes from having it all to being a loner and being bullied throughout the rest of her high school career. With senior year here, she thinks...

  • To Define Love (Lesbian Story)
    619K 10.2K 18

    Jenna is a girl who is considered the big loser of her private school. But When a new girl named Laura steps in, things start to turn both upside down and right side up for her. Laura being beautiful and popular in her older school, confuse the hundreds of students who go there by hanging out with the loser. When feel...

    Completed   Mature
    49 1 1