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  • The Blackwater Chronicles: Lex & Lawe
    33.5K 431 24

    Since they all escaped from the labs run by a secret government agency called the Federation of Feral Studies Lawson Miller has done nothing but try to keep his extended family of genetically enhanced Ferals safe. The night they were celebrating their freedom turns into an eventful evening when Lawe's younger brother...

  • Welcome to the Universe [BOOK ONE]
    1.1M 9.2K 35

    Being normal is overrated. Felicia Heart is anything but your average, everyday teenage girl, but all she wants is to fit in. Well, those days are over when fate has other plans for her. Who knew that one innocent little act like meeting the new boy in town could possibly change so much? He did. Apparently all isn't w...

  • Disintegrated
    87 2 1

    a boy named jade finds himself in a townnamed calednia after being run out of his original home, becaue he's vampire.

  • Phriek (For the moment, She is on hold.)
    62.1K 713 14

    Phriek is unusual, in more ways than one. First, she's died. Twice. Second, she talks to ghosts. Third, she's in love with a dead guy.