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  • Sunburn
    57.6K 3K 10

    Sydney Rowe's life has taken a turn for the worst. A recent graduate with no dream job on the horizon, she has no choice but to move back to Walden-on-Sea, the sleepy seaside hometown she's spent the last three years avoiding. Her part-time job at the local arcade isn't terrible, but it's hard to return to the past af...

  • Lies of a Makeup Junkie
    350K 17.9K 13

    Lenox knows one thing about this summer-it's going to suck. While her friends are off vacationing in the Hamptons, she's stuck with her grandparents in the middle of nowhere. However, Lenox's luck changes when she meets her idol, Kaylie, a popular beauty YouTuber. Kaylie is everything Lenox wants to be-outgoing, succe...

  • Twenty-One Night Stand ✓
    2.2M 64.9K 40

    A Watty Award winner and a featured Wattpad novel. Five years ago, Maddie Hyun and her best friend Peter made a pact. Now it's time to follow through. 21.04.16 → 20.10.16

    Completed   Mature
  • Lemon Lips
    9.3K 622 6

    there are two kinds of people in this world—those with plans, and those without. (colin has a love interest. april has a lemonade stand and a plan.) • extended summary inside •

  • Kissing Is the Easy Part
    25.9M 986K 74

    {a Wattpad featured story} Flora is afraid being beautiful is her only talent. Some of the words she hates include economy class, second-hand clothes, and budget. She likes fashion, dating, not being on time and getting what she wants - until she meets Sean, who is like the clock striking midnight; he makes all her...

  • Screen Burn
    61.3K 4.9K 30

    Screen burn: "Where a permanent mark is burnt into the mask of the TV screen due to prolonged display." If Jake's life is a TV show, the set that plays it is afflicted with screen burn, forever displaying his character in a frozen state, unable to change. He is the nice guy who always finishes last. He is stuck being...

  • Kissing Frogs
    181K 12.8K 31

    Because some of us fail at love. | WATTPAD PICKS 3/2/18 |

  • Pretty Bad Things [Sample]
    6.9M 157K 27

    NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ON AMAZON AND BARNES&NOBLE! THIS IS A SAMPLE OF THE PUBLISHED BOOK. _____________________________ Livvie Jefferson is lame. If it weren’t for the secret list of crazy things she’d like to do, she’d be less interesting than a piece of stale bread. Harvey Lockwell is a God. An unattainable G...

  • Shrinking Violet ✓
    141K 8.9K 18


  • Hired To Love
    18.7M 742K 67

    Henley agrees to pretend to date billionaire Bennett Calloway for a fee, falling in love as she wonders - how is he involved in her brother's false conviction? ***** Henley Linden's brother is in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and she'll take an...

  • No Names
    8.3K 559 1

    It's a scary thing to do -- trusting someone with the most special thing about you; the thing that defines you as a person: your name. There's no telling what comes after it when someone speaks. It could be positive, and it could also be negative. But sometimes you just have to take a chance and open yourself to every...

  • Chasing Lacey North ✓
    336K 14.8K 34

    •COMPLETE• One year ago Drew met the love of his life. Eleven months ago he found out her name and her twitter account. Ten months ago she moved to Germany. Now she's back. With his crude best friend Melissa, Drew takes it upon himself to find Lacey, even if it means chasing her around the country with only her spora...

  • Delinquent Duo
    2.1K 67 1

    Charlotte, a labeled misfit, secretly loves to hang out with the elderly. So when she flunks another test, her parents force her to spend more time with her grandpa – something Charlotte doesn’t mind in the least. At her grandpa's retirement home, she stumbles upon the cocky Maverick Gates, a closeted chess prodigy a...

  • The Midnight Boys
    745K 27.4K 10

    They reminded me of Peter Pan's Lost Boys, wild and rebellious, but all grown up in a way that could only be described in one word: sexy.

  • Jovie & Bash
    1.2M 52.5K 28

    He's a would-be college student stacking books in the local library. She's a high school senior nearing graduation. He leads a life of organized chaos and she's living by the book. He's free but all she can see are consequences. You can't control who you fall in love with.

  • Scoop [nanowrimo 2014]
    1.2K 51 1

    Summer is the busiest time of year in Tippington, but Lee has found herself (almost) completely and utterly alone. Her mother hardly counts as company since her dad left, her friends are either halfway across the world or otherwise inaccessible, and her long distance relationship is breaking down faster than a soggy b...

  • Warehouse Seven [NANOWRIMO 2014]
    4.7K 254 6

    Warehouse Seven is home to the largest library in all universes. Located on a quaint, barren planet, it is guarded by only one individual. The Librarian. Thousands upon thousands of halls litter every possible space in the intellectual station. And there she is, right in the center. NANOWRIMO 2014 #97 in Science Ficti...

  • Double Vision
    115K 5.8K 9

    “My sister passed away over a month ago. The last time I saw her was yesterday.” When eighteen-year-old Reese Washington dies of an undetected heart defect, she leaves a bucket list behind: ten things, all incomplete, detailing the stuff she never got to do. Struggling with her grief, Reese’s twin sister, Callie, sees...

  • Guilty Pleasure
    805K 36.1K 15

    Elle Grayson’s guilty pleasure is reading cheesy romance novels. Always has been, always will be. Maybe that’s why she’s never had a boyfriend – no guy can live up to her expectations of the guys in romance novels. She doesn’t think there is one guy that can prove to be even half as decent as guys in books. But when t...

  • Eleven O'Clock Number
    1.3M 48.7K 40

    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ALLISON REED: THE MUSICAL - release date, SEPT 2013. STARRING: Allison Reed, Lydia Huntington II, and the renowned Toby Martin. LOGLINE: A bitter, intelligent teenage girl (Reed) is paired with a musical aficionado (Martin) to complete an English assignment on musicals. With the help of her strik...

  • Umbrellas
    24.8K 727 3

    Because umbrellas are reliable, and reliable (unlike the capricious, loud, and volatile Aspen McKinley) is just what Hudson Parks likes.

  • The Bathroom Stall
    6M 241K 82

    A short story of an abandoned bathroom stall door giving desperate, heartbroken girls relationship advice, hot guys incorrectly trying to woo hearts, a stupid dare in action, and irrationality ruling the minds of every character.

  • Community Service
    642K 20.1K 15

    "'Caution. Hotness at work. May spontaneously combust.' I read Ross' neon shirt with something akin to disgust, brushing back my hair and shooting him a glare. 'Really? Really, Ross? I hope you realize that no one's going to find you attractive when you're picking up trash from the ground with a stick.'" When Ross Al...

  • At the Tone
    25.3K 916 4

    "Sorry--Annie's a bit busy trying to figure out her life at the moment." After high school and a long list of denied college applications (and one too many headaches), Annie Horne has just about had it with trying to meticulously plan out her life down to the very last detail. And in lieu of a college education, she...

  • The Gentleman's Code
    26.7K 812 2

    "What's your name, again? Rowell Forest Hill something, right? But wait, I don't really care. Not really. Just try not to keep on forgetting that I have wrists and can twist them to turn a door knob. Just, stop." Robert Hills is a gentleman and everyone in town knows that. Everyone. But when he decides to show off his...

  • Confessions About Colton
    6.9M 374K 50

    ❝Seven letters, seven confessions, seven clues.❞ When smart and charismatic Colton Crest disappears, his small country town in rural New South Wales jumps into obsessive conclusions of his whereabouts. His parents claim that he's visiting relatives, but even Mrs. Crest seems unconvinced by her own words. So when C...

  • How Rachel Met Harvey
    2K 140 2

    Senior year has begun and that means big changes are afoot in the lives of longtime best friends Harvey and Rachel.

  • Saving Dolphins
    178K 3.3K 6

    Seventeen-year-old Sutton Lively's summer isn't turning out how she'd hoped. Her original plan was to sail the Atlantic with her parents and their team of fellow marine biologists, researching and rescuing ocean animals. This, however, changes as soon as Nathan Wellington - founder of world-renowned oil company Wellin...

  • Compositions of Us
    2M 46.4K 31

    Olivia Harris has one dream: to become a professional photographer. She’s determined and even went out of her way to intern at a well known photography company. Olivia knows that doing so may give her an opportunity to pursue her dream a step further. What she doesn't know is that, sometimes, expectations don't go as...

  • Wayfaring Companions
    152K 6.1K 13

    "We could fly to Berlin, Tokyo or Jamaica. We can go where you want, say the word and I'll take ya. But I'd rather stay on the sofa, with you." Summer time means vacation; three months of new discoveries, thrilling adventures, wrinkled maps to be pried open, and gorgeous foreign countries to explore. When Kira Walke...