ASWL2you2's Reading List

  • Horus Series Book 1: His Majesty's Mate (BxB)
    694K 21.6K

    Ryker Orion Hunter was a normal sixteen year old kid until he was forced to stay with his supposedly distant cousin, Zorien. Zorien was insufferable, stubborn...

  • My Lord (BoyxBoy) (Completed)
    366K 12.1K

    Lord Maxwell Winters is charming, popular, rich and darkly handsome, women wish to marry him, men want to be him. These are just some of the reasons that Lord...

  • The Secret Admirer |BL|
    858K 18.3K

    When Marcus Berkley discovers that he has a secret admirer, he isn't quite too sure how to react. Surely, the affection held won't go unnoticed and surely, it...

  • My Pack (Completed)
    312K 8.5K

    Book 3 in the My Mate series This book has been rated R, I think it's mainly to do with the swearing, but there is no sexual content in this story. Logan has...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Full Moon [boyxboy]
    1.2M 33.9K

    As the only son of Moonstone's most powerful wolf pack, Zaid Kallas has a lot on his plate with his eighteenth birthday coming up. Like any alpha wolf, he's to...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Kissed A Boy [boyxboy]
    2.3M 64.2K

    (Book 1) It was just an accident. I had never meant to kiss Blake Patterson, supposedly the school's biggest douche bag. He wasn't supposed to be the good guy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blindsided (boyxboy) *on hiatus
    179K 4.6K

    Bisexual, Finn McCormick finally gets to leave the hospital after a car accident a few weeks before. His fancy blue hair is fading and his roots are horrendous...

  • Gotta Catch Him! (BoyXBoy)
    54.4K 1.5K

    Riley is gay, awkward, and dramatic. He lives an average life--until his stupid best friends force him to go after this psychopath guy that everyone calls Leat...

  • We Bathe in Blood (BoyxBoy)
    108K 2.7K

    "Capture, kill, drink and spray, Watch him eat your soul away. His eyes so dark, you'll see the light, He'll serve you well, then take a bite. Your body in his...

  • Scars (boyxboy)
    288K 4.1K

    Rain is seventeen. And he's gay. When he was ten, his father threw him out after he came out. He then lost all trust in life and humans and the happy, naive li...