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  • What to do? - Neko!America x Reader Oneshot
    1.1K 37 1

    Having a Kitty America can be a handful but none the less fun and adorable. >3<

  • Pervert!America x Reader
    4.9K 76 1

    Alfred's been chasing this one girl just to steal her virginity...

  • 2P!America x Reader: Shit Happens
    72.5K 2.6K 15

    The American Revolution was brutal. Blood was shed left and right. The boy Arthur used to know was now as strong as he, and he could do nothing about it. Once the battle was won, Alfred had declaired himself as America. As he went off, leaving Britain behind, he constantly looked back. He would remember the fun times...

  • America x Reader: One shot - Sweet Summer Break
    2.4K 87 1

    America x Reader! Yay ~(•3•)~ [Insert cool description here] - Cover art [as well as any other art shown in here] belongs to original artist(s)/owner(s)

  • living with the 2p!F.A.C.E (hetalia fanfiction)(Uncomplete)
    16.2K 656 18

    YOU READER ARE NOW THE DAUGHTER OF OLIVER KIRKLAND! (England 2p) YOU WILL FACE MANY THINGS AND IT'S ALL WHEN YOU ARE SIX YEARS OLD! I do not own anything of hetalia or the 2ps, but I wish I did

  • Finally~AmeriPan
    41.6K 2.8K 24

    After a huge fight with his father and nowhere to go, America finds himself with no ending to his frustration. Yet when he goes to his best friends place for some help, he couldn't help but wonder why Japan wants a broken old loser who feels stupid all the time. Let alone needs one. ~ And, 'Finally' the final and on...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Horror Of My Life
    9.3K 410 13

    America always is smiling, always laughing, its been ceanturys since WW2 and he and England havent talked once.....but he still smiles as if nothing is wrong until he gets his house knives stained with blood lay around and tears fill his eyes. But what if the one day he didnt clean up the blood is the one d...

  • Prom night america x reader
    4.6K 128 4

    GUESS WHAT? It's prom night!! Guess you asked you out?

  • America X Reader: Love in Autumn
    832 22 1

  • Hetalia one shots (Country x Reader)
    1.5M 33.1K 89

    Hetalia one shots....

  • Remembered | Popular!America x Nerd!Reader [ON HOLD]
    33.6K 1.2K 14

    You are the school nerd. He is the most popular guy in school. When you are assigned to be Alfred's tutor, all hell breaks loose, bringing up unwanted feelings for the jock, though he already has a girlfriend. One sunny, yet awful day, Alfred gets into a car accident, hospitalizing him. He had lost his memory from th...

  • America X Reader - Shaking
    6.5K 218 1

    Reader and Alfred are room mates and don't get along too well until something unexpected happens, and Alfred's true colours shine through. This is one of my older works from way back in early 2013. I uploaded it to DeviantART, so hey, might as well upload it here. I hope you enjoy! :) I do not own Hetalia, Alfred or...

  • Ashes To Ashes
    14.1K 524 18

    The revolutionary war has broken out but what goes on behind closed doors is another matter. WARNING: There will be lemon in there somewhere. UsUk

  • Deadly Attraction: 2P!America x Reader x America
    84.8K 2.8K 16

    You were a normal girl living a perfect life. That is, until your foster parents began treating you like an annoyance. Now you've met Allen—mysterious. Rebellious. Gun-obsessed. But he loves you, and he won't let anyone get between you two. Not even your best friend, Alfred; and especially not your parents. Then he gi...

  • Revolutionary War poem (England)
    154 8 1

    This is just a sad poem I made. It's based of the Revolutionary War and It's from England's point of view. Enjoy the feelz!

  • Miss You ~ America x Reader
    69.4K 2.5K 11

    You just went through a depressing break up with your boyfriend Alfred F. Jones. Yes, the F is necessary. You still love him but don't know how to form the subject in conversation. Will Reader-chan be able to win back her Hero? Will there be a happy ending? Find out when you read "Miss You ~ America x Reader!"

  • Endlessly (AmericaxReader)
    2.4K 68 1

    I will love you endlessly...

  • Expressing feelings(bullied!America x bully!reader)
    1.5K 37 1

    You've always been one for punching inconveniences. But what will you do when you get this strange feeling for Alfred Jones that you can't explain or punch away? You ask around your small group of friends for advice.

  • Only Human (America x Reader Fanfic)
    33.8K 1.6K 16

    You and Amelia Jones always go to McDonald's (because Amelia loves McDonald's and can't stop loving it). But you never noticed that someone that becomes a special part of your life works there. And that is Amelia's cousin, Alfred F. Jones.

  • Messed up world. America x Reader
    2.1K 71 2

    The name calling, the teasing. Poor (y/n) has been through so much. But in the middle of it all, Alfred F. Jones is new, hot, and innocently popular. But when Alfred experiences a near-death- situation, and (y/n) saved him, what's going to happen now between them?

  • Signing Off
    578 27 1

    DEPRESSING. based off of an old rp I did. Sorry it isn't the best, I wrote it fast and don't feel like editing. Anyway, it's usuk (no lemon). One of my first fanfics so please let me know what you think. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome. ^-^

  • Makeup thieves-2p America x reader
    9.2K 391 14

    A girl and her sister wanted to Change their lives. But the change became negative. Stealing and robbing... Till the Mission goes wrong and the "maniac" saves her.(completed)

    Completed   Mature
  • My Vampire Admirer (Vampire!America X Reader)
    19.5K 737 11

    You're just a normal girl living a usual life..until you meet someone..Well it's hard to actually describe him but..frankly you'd never expect would end up loving..

  • The Time Travel (AmericaxReader)
    487 15 2

    Alfred finds a time machine and accidentally changes history! Can you, the reader, save the world from his stupid mistake? ((GAH I CAN'T WRITE SUMMARIES)) I don't own Hetalia in any shape or form.

  • Photographer!AmericaxReader
    483 15 2

    Something stupid I wrote that I never finished. I should though... -sigh- Writer's Block, how you upset me so. I do not own Hetalia, nor its characters.

  • Hetalia x reader!! ❤️
    231K 4.8K 37

    So this'll basically be a jumble of one-shots that I put together. I'll do 2P!, Nyotalia, songfics, and any other AU you people want. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

  • The Bipolar War
    826 68 3

    Alfred and England have been through many wars together, including the largest, the Revolutionary War. But what would England do if America turn on itself? This story is purely a work or fictional fantasies and my own ideas. I don't own Hetalia, nor the characters in said anime. This shall have yaoi in it, my dearest...

  • Seven deadly sins (Hetalia x reader fan fiction)
    111K 2.8K 23

    Who remembers the first set of seven deadly sins? Not pretty i know. But what happens when they're reborn and they all just adore you! What happens when your find out you had a secret 'gift' of being a gatekeeper of something big and you had total control over them? Who do you really love? read to find out! (I OWN NO...

  • My reactions to Hetalia Ships (including OCs)!
    336 5 1

    Yaaaaay! I finaly got an idea after playing Touch Detective! I seriously recomended you to play that on your tablet >:D! It rocks your world! well my world cuz besides being a History geek I'm a mystery girl! NYAN CAT! hehe... #justsayingrandomnonsencehere and #IloveFrUk...