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  • I'm 16, my mother is mad and I am a murderer, problem? -ON HOLD-
    37.9K 1.1K 13

    A girl whose family life comes crashing apart resorts to seeking comfort from somebody she'll regret. Her whole life turns upside down. Not the ending you'd expect. Read, comment, vote, fan and just enjoy! :)

  • To You I Am
    62 2 1

  • It's Like Love, But On a Post-It. (Undergoing Severe Plastic Surgery )
    1.8M 34K 21

    Sequel to It's Like Monopoly, But Physical.

  • Bad Girl VS. The Player
    11.3M 119K 27

  • HELL NO!!! I'm Never Gonna Get Married To You!
    7M 74.5K 34

    Be careful what you wish for, because sometimes wishes come true... especially if you wish for something NOT to happen! Andy Carter ends up in the bed with Austin Blake, a rich arrogant guy, just before she gets to know she's going to have to marry him. Some family traditions and business deals made these two, totall...

  • Who Knew The Jerk Could Read???
    1.4M 15.5K 22

    Veronica Harris was the school's loner. She was also a straight A student. One day, her perfect straight A life became one F'd up life when she's forced to tutor the biggest player in the school, Ryan Grey. Will she see right through his charm or will she fall into his trap like every other girl???

  • Tame My Heart... Or Else
    10.6M 151K 44

    Liza has always been shy, afraid of being noticed. As a new school year starts though, she is forced to face unanswered questions. Why did all her friends move so suddenly? Who are all these people who seem to have taken over her school? And what are these rumors about wolves being spotted in the woods about... A stor...

  • Believe Me, I'm Lying
    23.5M 407K 36

    When 17 year old Harley finds herself jobless, she needs a new job-- and quick. Her uncle comes to her house with a job offer. For her to become a teacher at his school. A school for delinquents. Watty Awards 2010 Winner of Best Overall, Best Romance, Best Female Lead, and Best Cast!