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  • Must read islamic short stories
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    Bismillah Rabbi zidnee Ilman "My Lord! Increase me in my knowledge" Assalamualikum everyone I'm going to write some Islamic short stories these stories always inspired me to move on and more important is that, these stories helps me to get closer to Allah(SWT), whenever I'm feeling low or something like that. And mos...

  • Sunnah is My Style!
    209K 7.2K 83

    Have you ever felt so frustrated that you feel like kicking those lofty fashion-controlling guys and their switching styles when you find that your new hairstyle, which you got after much begging and coaxing your parents, just went out of fashion? And what about that special celebrity-like dress which you bought after...

  • In Your Love... {Eternal Ishq #1}
    921K 49.1K 46

    UNDER MAJOR EDITING {Eternal Ishq Series - Book One} A well known surgeon, a wannabe model, a would be Aalim, and a simple girl. ~The fate that links these four ~ the changes that are wrought, the tears that are shed, the sufferings that are endured and the hearts that are healed - In Your Love... is not just 'anothe...

  • Finding Love After Marriage (A Muslimah Love story)
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    Destiny finds its way to bring people together,Meet Zahan a rich,smart workholic guy who never thought would Marry Zara a simple town girl on the basis of one single conversation with her,join on their sweet little journey of Marriage

  • Faith On Allah... Imaan (Ibadah Book 2)
    17.3K 1.6K 15

    "I will destroy you and through you I will put your family in pain! Only then will they realise the pain of seeing a loved one suffer!" He looked into her Kohl rimmed eyes and spoke cruelly. "I won't suffer! I will show you what I am made of! You chose the wrong girl!" She glared at him with equal ferocity. Ma'arij Af...

  • Forgetting Love (Dublin Sisters #2.5)
    483K 33K 34

    They loved. They were married. They had babies. But why were they distancing? Samreen Ali was a loving wife and a caring mother. She was living a dream life. An adoring husband and three naughty and cute children. However, motherhood was not easy. It took her time, energy and even her love. Faraz Ahmed had marrie...

  • Fancying You (Dublin Sisters #4)
    42K 3K 5

    She broke all societal rules. She eloped. She was divorced. She left the realms of Islam. There was no going back... Until one man brought her back to respectability, religion and eventually hope for love. Manal Siddique was the good girl when she met the forbidden man. She fell head over heels for him and eloped...

  • To Rahman, With Love...
    30.6K 2.3K 13

    Some incidents of laughter, some thoughts of tears, some quaint experiences and some deep musings of my life. I guess they speak about my crazy love for Him... Or maybe, just maybe, they reveal His beautiful love for me...?

  • Floral Cupcakes (Dublin sisters #3)
    68.8K 4.6K 7

    He was a broken man. She was a troubled woman. They had a future together. Divorced and desolate Amal Baig led a quiet life with her father. She was compelled to fulfil her dying sister's wish to become the mother of her nieces. A decision that was difficult and terrifying after her horrid past. Her brother in law...

  • Forgiving You (Dublin Sisters #2)
    2.1M 133K 78

    She was abandoned on her wedding day. The groom disappeared. There were accusations. Her honour was at stake. Her family was to be ruined. One man saved her from all this misery or was it to be yet another trial that she will face... Nawal Ahmed has been the adoring sister of her three brothers. She was pampered...

  • Poems by Imam ash-Shaf'i
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    Amazing poetry of Imam ash-Shaf'i along with a some sayings. May Allāh have mercy on him.

  • In His Love... {Eternal Ishq #2}
    196K 15.5K 31

    UNDER MAJOR EDITING {Eternal Ishq Series - Book Two} It is a must that the Book One 'In Your Love...' is read before you begin 'In His Love...' A Hijabi fashion-designer, an Aalim entrepreneur. Also a simple girl and her well-known surgeon Every tale is connected, every person is linked... the one knows the other, th...

  • Emeralds
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    [A Muslim's Love Story] "Just one second. Just one slight mistake of looking back again, was enough to have me thunderstruck. Awed. Those are not any eyes. Those are emeralds." ~~~ Leen is a girl who's always been dreaming of a love story like those she reads about in books and watches in Korean dramas. What if she r...