thisissparta19's Reading List

  • Broken Hearts; A Greyson Chance Love Story
    152K 838

    By a random stroke of luck, Ariadne Smith befriends world famous singer Greyson Chance. She constantly reminds herself that she is NOT falling for the adorable...

  • Love and Cars
    49K 488

    Hayden Willows is a 21 year old female mechanic. She keeps to herself for the most part. But things change when the tattooed clad rugid Dominic finds himself i...

  • Marked with the Love of a Wolf
    1.3M 13.6K

    What if your mate was in love with someone else and that was the only thing that was keeping you apart. What if your mother's murderer kept coming back to hara...

  • Being a Rockstar Sucks
    3.2M 29.8K

    Jace is the lead singer to Silver Snakebites and he hates it. He used to love it, until girls began loving their looks and not their music. One night in a conc...

  • 7
    8.2M 81.7K

  • Royally Sold |Completed|Editing|
    244K 3.9K

    *EDITING IS BEING DONE THROUGHOUT THIS WHOLE BOOK!* Royalty, what is it? Having superiority over others? Having some special blood in you that magically make...

  • A Thief for a Bride
    136K 2.4K

    Genevieve Simone knows she faces certain death when she and her 'family' attempt to steal from a powerful duke. When he offers her a chance to save herself and...

  • Forgotten [Raakshyan Series Book 1]
    117K 2.2K

    Aathiray Aryan, also known as Aathy, is a girl who is surrounded by a loving family and wonderful friends. Her life seems pretty normal, but it isn't. Why? Wel...

  • My Midnight Boy
    701K 5.8K

    Hayley is a normal girl, that is until one night theres a hammering at the door and she opens it to find Aelfric, and he is anything but a normal boy...

  • The Nerd Who Puts the Word 'BADASS' to Shame!
    274K 3.2K

    Celine moved on from the past or more like ran away but now its come back to taunt her and can she go through it again? For the sake of her loved ones? She g...