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  • My ♡Fake♡ Fiance
    193 8

    Anna Tramp is an orphan who engaged to Gregory Winston, a pilot while working as a care giver in the hospice; as she furthers her studies in Psychology. Her encounter with Keith Kennedy has changed her life somehow. However, she has to face a few challenge with Keith and one of it is to be his fiancee. Agreeing half h...

  • 10 Reasons Not to Fall in Love
    4.5M 36.7K

    Elizabeth Blackburn is the perfect young girl...for an action movie. Don't let her pointy spectacles and mismatched socks fool you. This scholarship student will strangle you to death if it means keeping her place at Star Lake Private High. It's a mystery as to why the popular Vincent Richardson ends up publicly...

  • Drop Dead... Gorgeous! (Arranged Marraige)
    63.6K 827

    Catori Jones is a teenage secret agent in a bit of a sticky situation... she is being forced into an arranged marraige... and to make it worse its to a High School Player... Now she has to go to highschool and live with her fiance! What will she do to keep her job, good grades and her sanity??

  • Locked in a School with my Hot Teacher and a Killer?
    1.1M 16.1K

    Lyssa has just started summer vacation. Everything seems to be going great until she receives a letter from school asking her to meet up at school for an important announcement about next year's school course. Reluctantly she goes and everything turns out bad. Someone bolted every doorway that lead outside shut and t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl No One See's...Till Now
    88K 1.2K