vXvAnimeLovervXv's Reading List

  • Drop Dead... Gorgeous! (Arranged Marraige)
    • chelsea2394
    • 10 parts
    • Updated a year ago
    62.4K 780

    Catori Jones is a teenage secret agent in a bit of a sticky situation... she is being forced into an arranged marraige... and to make it worse its to a High Sc...

  • 10 Reasons Not to Fall in Love
    • BadLuck
    • 49 parts
    4.4M 34K

    Elizabeth Blackburn is the perfect young girl...for an action movie. Don't let her pointy spectacles and mismatched socks fool you. This scholarship student wi...

  • The Girl No One See's...Till Now
    • TwilightFanTiffany
    • 26 parts
    • Updated 5 years ago
    87.9K 1.2K

  • Locked in a School with my Hot Teacher and a Killer?
    • bbg18813
    • 69 parts
    1.1M 14.6K

    Lyssa has just started summer vacation. Everything seems to be going great until she receives a letter from school asking her to meet up at school for an impor...

    Completed   Mature