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  • The Augustus Van Pact
    1.3K 89 3

    Valerie: Female given name derived from the Latin, valēre, to be strong. Valerie's not afraid of anything. Her best friend, Stevie, worries about everything. Throw in a flipped jeep, a 1994 Chevy Conversion "replacement" van, a month-long game of dare-or-dare, one handsome, blond-haired drummer boy, and a traveling I...

  • The Free Willies: a webcomic
    159K 8.8K 65

    In a tragically meme-deprived all girls school, memeing takes a drastic turn. It's up to six lame-os burdened with glorious Pepe to save the day. 2016 WATTYS WINNER! Edit: Some of these memes might be...aged. Pls note that this comic was first created in late 2015/start of 2016, and it shows in the early updates...

  • The Shadow Setters Book 1: Prominence
    342K 4.7K 50

    Jason Conroy is a popular 16 year old with the world at his feet. That seemed to be the case until unexpectedly, and out of character, his father David informs him that they are to move to a desolate part of northern England for work reasons, leaving everything Jason loves behind. With only his cat Kato for company, t...

  • Luxor (Under major revision)
    5.1K 610 10

    I live in a world called Luxor, and in this world, there are three types of people: Faults, Charmers and humans. I happen to be a Charmer... and apparently I'm also the type of person that can't catch a break. What would this story be if I wasn't? But we'll get to that later. Welcome to Luxor, and to my life... Emerso...

  • Project Element
    3.7K 174 14

    In 37,982 days, Bolt, as they called him, had learned a few things. Most importantly however, was that he was never going to be free. He wasn't sure how it was possible, but he produced electricity. It was constantly flowing from his body. They called him a clean energy source. He'd been...created. So he sat in t...

  • Danse Macabre
    14.3K 526 24

    "No matter one's station in life, the dance of death unites us all." After Aria lost her mother by a Grimm it completely destroyed her. Now 16, she wants into her fathers business to kill all paranormal creatures that walk the earth. That all changes when she meets Alexander. Hes sarcastic, dark hearted, and the worst...

  • Death's Touch
    3.3K 124 7

    What if you were someone 'special'. What if you could see things no one else could see? The first thing you would think, is: Am I heading straight to crazy town? But, what if it was real? Alison, a girl who should have died three days after she was born, has lived to a very successful age under the circumstances. She...