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  • Tsuna, The Vongola Decimo [ COMPLETE ]
    72.7K 3.2K 27

    Since the Tenth generation had took over the Vongola, it slowly changed little by little. However, one day, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Vongola Tenth boss suddenly acted weird. He began to wander around the mansion asking everyone about what they do during the weekend. Which confused everybody in the mansion. What's happen to...

  • Ardent
    12.6K 436 4

  • Tick, Tock (KHR FANFIC)
    12.2K 698 3

    Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Time waits for no one. But they wish it had. Just one second. One second that would have changed everything. KHR IS NOT MINE.

  • Twin Pair Of Lovers (1827 & AG ) (Hiatus)
    13.2K 479 18

    1st time makin a story and its about tsunaxkyoya and giottoxalaude i dont know who wants this story and it has a twist so enjoy reading And i just remember. I post rarely. So if you want to read this even then I congratulate and salud you

  • The Sky's Mask: A KHR-FanFic [DISCONTINUED]
    115K 3.6K 19

    Our main protagonist, Sawada Tsunayoshi, was the rightful heir of the Vongola Family but since he ran away from his unloving yet true family, the Ninth decided to make his twin little brother, Sawada Natsushi, as the next heir, even though Vongola Primo disapproved it. After that, Reborn came from Italy to Japan to to...

  • The Promise [6927/Mukuro x Tsuna]
    2.5K 48 7

    "The Promise" is an Rp my best friends (which are also insane and random) did. I dedicate and give credits to the both.

  • Crossing Times [KHR Fanfic]
    91.7K 2.7K 32

    Tsuna's eyes glowed orange at birth. At different times of life, he received throbbing pains in his head and pieces of foreign memories. He isn't the only one though, 7 other individuals had the same. In Italy, a famiglia that was nearly wiped out by Primo plans to get back at the Vongola. Mild k27, slight violence (f...

  • The true sky (khr fanfic)
    29.4K 1.1K 10

    Disclaimer: I don't own Katekyo hitman reborn, but Amano Akira does Warning:Wrong grammars and etc. ~~~~~~ Sawada Iemitsu and Sawada Nana have a twin, the first son name is Sawada Ichirou and the second son name is Sawada Tunayoshi Sawada Ichirou known as "Idol Prince" at Nami-high, while the second son Sawada Tsunayo...

  • Heart of a Clone
    141K 5.2K 53

    [COMPLETED] A Escratta family (Random name) has been attacking Primo Vongola Mansion NON-STOP. Nearing the end of their final battle, Escratta Family brought out their new weapons. "What did you do to the kids!?" "Oh my~ the looks on you and your Guardians is so disturbing Primo, didn't I already told you about them?"...

  • Everything Changes
    4.1K 194 7

    Tsuna is having nightmares and blames it on himself that his friends have to live a life as Mafiosi now. But what if his nightmares aren't just simple dreams but something more like visions. Maybe he is even more than just the tenth vongola boss.

  • Angel Tutor Tsuna
    3.6K 207 5

    SUMMARY: God and Satan sent a letter to the one of the archangels,Tsunayoshi also known as Tsuna to tutor a child with the name of Renato Sinclair -but the child prefers to be called 'Reborn' for some reason- to be the new 'Death' because the last one already resigned. Of course it's not that simple because Reborn is...

  • Here I Am
    16.8K 694 9

    Tsunayoshi Sawada or Vongalo Decimo who is 15 was called back to the past by Giotto or Primo. Tradegy was going to strike so Giotto sent Tsuna back to protect his past self. He had identification to prove he was supposed to be there and not to raise suspicion and Primo and his Guardians questioning, why is this boy so...

  • Mistakes
    1.7K 74 2

    Tsuna has a twin and they are inseparable but iemitsu thinks tsuna is weak so he tries to kill tsuna so he can not mess up his plans to make Natsuyoshi Tsuna's twin Decimo. Smart and Strong Tsuna, Twin fic, R27, OCx?, Brother Complexes.

  • Maoh and Rain (Crossover Katekyo Hitman Reborn & Kyo Kara Maoh)
    54.1K 1.8K 37

    Yuri and Yamamoto are best friends but they plan to just have lunch and enjoy a week playing baseball but Fate didn't allow. Murata, Ken and Yuri was able to arrive at Shin Makoku safely but an unexpected guest had arrived with them. What kind of Chaos will Yamamoto cause at Shin Makoku? Original Author Ciel Black018...

  • Tsuna is a UMA?!?!
    1.3K 91 1

    [Revised/Complete] Gokudera arrives at his boss' office, only to find out that something isn't right with his boss. TYL Slight one sided 5627 if you look hard

  • Our Tsuna: Chapter One: MukuroxTsuna [6927]
    2.6K 58 1

    Drabble One-shots centre Tsuna as the uke. BoyXBoy. Yaoi. Gay. Fanfiction of Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

  • Salvation in my Violin (KHR fanfic)
    98.3K 5.6K 66

    Having brain cancer and a forgotten ambition, Sawada Tsunayoshi's last wish is to support his older brother with the time he has left. Just a shadow, but it seems life has other plans. '...' thoughts "..." talking Ok, anyone who is waiting to read this, DON'T. At least not now, please! I read it over and boy was my wr...

  • The Fallen Night Sky
    37.4K 1.5K 15

    The guardians betrayed their sky. They thought that it's his fault that their normal lives are gone and are replaced with non-stopped fighting. Little did they know that their sky is slowly falling. One day, they found out that their sky is gone. But, why are they filled with guilt and sorrow, instead of happiness an...

  • Miracle Twin of Vongola
    141K 6K 31

    On early morning on 14 October, where the sun didn't even show its shine yet, a two baby boy was born. the older one was loved by all while the younger one, with his existence denied by his own parent. can the two distant twin be close again like how before they were born? and why both of them have somewhat incomplete...

  • To Italy!
    157K 4.9K 25

    Our young Decimo and his friends are going to visit Italy for some unfortunate plans that Reborn has set up. But of course, they have some guests that are invited together with them, to make things more interesting. Reborn, being the sadist tortu-tutor he is, organized the trip for his own entertainment and amusement...

  • [Rewrite] Another person in Tsuna
    9.3K 432 16

    New Chapter 5 is out! It was supposed to be Chapter 7! ---------------------- It all started When the Miera Famiglia tried to use hostage to weakened Vongola Famiglia and because of that The Vongola Famiglia was open to new whole story where they dont even know the character nor the ending. -tsuna have another persona...

  • Darkness rather than Light
    645 43 1

    I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light. R27, Fluffiness, adult reborn. I don't own cover pic or KHR.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hyper Dame [Family Drama. HYPER TSUNA]
    3.9K 165 2

    Another big battle finally ends. And Hyper Tsuna will finally be able to go back to his "normal state". But everything changes when there seems to be no signs of the Dame-Tsuna in him, but only his sharp, charismatic amber eyes...

  • No Sugar! (KHR FANFIC)
    50.5K 2.6K 6

    There's a rule set up for the Tri-ni-sette's Sky. Do NOT give them too much SUGAR. Or face the consequences. KHR IS NOT MINE

  • An Unexpected Outcome
    109K 3.2K 13

    Tsuna is hit by Lambo's bazooka after Giannini upgraded it. But he is sent to Primo's time instead of the future. But things does not just end there.... Read to find out more :p Disclaimer: I don't own any pictures/videos I used here. I also don't own khr . The plot might be similar to the stories I have read , their...

  • Mafiosos Meet Gangsters (KatekyoHitmanReborn!&Durarara!! Fanfic/Crossover)
    17.2K 607 15

    Reborn invited Tsuna and the others for a visit in Ikebukuro to meet a certain someone. Most of the guardians think it's only a vacation, but Tsuna thinks there's something else in their visit.