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  • The Reckless Misadventures of Lightning Girl
    66.4K 2.8K 13

    You might think my relationship with Dawson Walker is somewhat tumultuous, but hey, what do you expect? We have a colorful past. The first time I met him, I had trespassed on his property and he thought I was dead. My name is Violet Raiden Teak, and I dance in thunderstorms.

  • The Taming of Frankie Carrozza
    258K 3.6K 37

    'Come to me, Charlie.' Charlie Chance was rushed with a cocktail of sensations, a plethora made up of all sorts of emotions and urges, as soon as the words exited Frankie Carrozza's sardonic-laced lips-the command uttered so innocently, though he was nothing of the sort. For a split second, his imagination took hold o...

  • Moonbreak
    261 17 1

  • Frustration -SERIES- [Part 1] [boyxboy]
    652K 14.4K 43

    The first two books in the Frustration series: -Frustration. -Lost In Stereo. See inside for full blurbs :)

    Completed   Mature
  • One-Shots & One-Shots Again [boyxboy]
    2.6M 25.4K 53

    ALL of the one-shots from my first two series, handily available in one place :) Included are boyxboy stories, a handful of girlxgirl stories, some incest/twincest, a smattering of teen angst, some lemony goodness, and lots of fluff ^.^

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Gay, He's Straight -SERIES- [boyxboy]
    1.7M 33.9K 32

    The two books in the I'm Gay, He's Straight series: -I'm Gay, He's Straight. -Kiss Me Like You Did. See inside for full blurbs :)

    Completed   Mature