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  • The Reckless Misadventures of Lightning Girl
    65.8K 2.7K 13

    You might think my relationship with Dawson Walker is somewhat tumultuous, but hey, what do you expect? We have a colorful past. The first time I met him, I had trespassed on his property and he thought I was dead. My name is Violet Raiden Teak, and I dance in thunderstorms.

  • The Taming of Frankie Carrozza
    246K 3.3K 37

    'What if I was to say that, perhaps, it was serendipity? Perhaps we were meant to meet ... perhaps some form of a sign under divine intervention wanted or needed us to swing on these ropes, in this very sports hall in Eton College, just as angels arrive to save the dire, the needy and the downtrodden or like the divin...

  • Moonbreak
    259 17 1

  • Frustration -SERIES- [Part 1] [boyxboy]
    631K 13.5K 43

    The first two books in the Frustration series: -Frustration. -Lost In Stereo. See inside for full blurbs :)

    Completed   Mature
  • One-Shots & One-Shots Again [boyxboy]
    2.5M 24.5K 53

    ALL of the one-shots from my first two series, handily available in one place :) Included are boyxboy stories, a handful of girlxgirl stories, some incest/twincest, a smattering of teen angst, some lemony goodness, and lots of fluff ^.^

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Gay, He's Straight -SERIES- [boyxboy]
    1.7M 32.3K 32

    The two books in the I'm Gay, He's Straight series: -I'm Gay, He's Straight. -Kiss Me Like You Did. See inside for full blurbs :)

    Completed   Mature