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  • My Possessive Husband (ManxBoy)
    838K 35.5K 18

    Renmen Bijou, a sweet and caring 18 year old boy. Who loves children and cares for them. Currently, he works at a baby daycare, in New York. Going to University and working hard so he can finally become a pediatrician. He's the only child, of two parents. Unforuntately for him, he has to deal with the consequences, o...

  • The Prison (ManxMan)
    749K 25.6K 21

    It only took one fatal error for Aiden to land himself in the world’s most secure and loathed prison in history after unintentionally murdering a famous billionaire with powerful connections. Located in an isolated island, said prison is commonly and befittingly known as “The Prison from Hell”. It is a prison unlike...

  • Secret Lover
    57.4K 1.7K 40

    Danny's your average boy. Has cool and crazy friends, plays lacrosse, and well is gay. He thought he'd never met a guy but when Ethan and his twin brother Aiden move into town things change. Danny is drawn to the gay twin Ethan but doesn't know the truth. Ethan however is here to keep an eye on Danny and is s...

  • A First Chance At Love (boyxboy) {Book 2: Blue Moon Series}
    4.8M 111K 39

    (Book Two of the Blue Moon Series) to those of you who havent read the first book All it took was one look i would suggest doing so to save all the confusion. [WARNING: There is boyxboy action so if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] It's been a few months since Aiden and Liam took their place as alpha, Avery is still...

    Completed   Mature
  • Something in Your Mouth (BoyxBoy)
    156K 2.5K 27

    Ryder Edwards life is pretty complicated. His parents are gone most of the time. Leaving no money and his little sister Hannah. Hes practically raised her and he loves her more than anything. He needs a job to keep them alive. He finds one. At a gay club. Hes only seventeen so its a secret. Holten Lambert is the new k...

  • One Last Shot [boyxboy]
    224K 6.9K 8

    [ON HOLD] (Book 7) Anthony Stewart finds solice in one thing and one thing only. The one thing that's been there with him throughout everything and that's a bottle of Budlight. Until one night Anthony passes out, only to wake up in someone else's apartment. Actually, two someones. Actually, two someones that want the...

  • Safety in Ink (boyxboy)
    181K 4.2K 17

    Jayden Lance has been through much difficulties in his life being openly gay; the only reason he was so open about it, was for his 3 year long relationship with his boyfriend Anthony-- he gave his boyfriend everything mentally and psychically possible. 5 years ago his boyfriend moved away to the other side of the coun...

  • Can You Remember?♥ [Yaoi OneShot] (BoyxBoy)
    86.6K 1.5K 11

    -Completed- When Zane wakes up from a hangover, he finds a pale boy laying next to him sound asleep. Instead of freaking out from having sexual intercourse with a male minor, he simply laughs to himself waking the boy. Alex, the boy, wakes shocked to have a naked man touching him. After having that as a first meeting...

    Completed   Mature
  • BoyxBoy One shots - By Request (Mostly)
    549K 6.6K 10

    This is my collection of boyxboy one shots (or it will be when I've written more). REQUEST CLOSED. WARNING: These one shots contain boyxboy naughtiness. Read at your own caution. If you do read them, enjoy!

  • A Slave for a Pureblood Vampire
    9.2M 171K 44

    [Warning!!! There is some sexual action in have been warned!!!] "Be good and I'll be gentle, be bad and you'll regret it every single time." He whispered. He's a pureblood Vampire and I am his slave. Purebloods are even more powerful than any regular vampire and because of it are feared and respected by...

  • The Alpha's Toy
    15.1M 277K 34

    "Say it, say you're mine." He growled in my ear as his hands gripped my waist pressing his manhood against my lower bottom, making my knees wobble in pleasure. His tongue ran up my neck slowly, "Say it." He commanded again, he won't stop teasing me until he hears what he wants... --- Angelo gets what he wants when he...

  • The Rented Husband (Southern Nights Series)
    18.9M 176K 39

    Olivia Murray, a 29 year old successful attorney has had enough with her families intrusion on her personal love life. Mother, father and siblings included have all gone above and beyond the call of duty to try and get her hitched to a man. Just how far is Olivia willing to go to stop the incessant meddling? Will...

  • Vampires Drool! Zombies Rule! A YA Paranormal Novel by Rusty Fischer
    1.6M 9.6K 31

    The Vampires and Zombies at Barracuda Bay High School have a long-standing truce: don’t mess with us, we won’t mess with you. Of course, if the human kids at Barracuda Bay High knew they were sitting next to the Living Dead in homeroom, well… all bets would be off. So when Lucy Frost tries to use the fancy heat-se...

  • Satan's Son
    2.8M 59.2K 31

    Addison’s life started when she died. But if you told her that she wouldn’t believe you. Her life was taken suddenly, and then she awoke in Hell. She is now making up for her bad behaviour, in hell as a guider. Ethan is the son of Satan; he has the devilish good looks, and the charming smirk and the attitude to ma...

  • My Made ~ My Tangled Tales 3
    18.9K 309 30

    I made him. He is mine. Is that why he stands by my side? Is that why he is here with me now? I changed his life. I changed who he is. Is there hatred because I did so? Or is there loyalty because I did so? I gave him part of a powerful bond. I gave him something special from within me. Is that why the connection...

  • Blood Moon (ON HOLD)
    489 14 4

    Allia Pearce a fifteen year old girl, who lives in a village called Jazztone. Jazztone has been attacked by a werewolf for over a two century's. The werewolf has killed millions, and each time the werewolf dies one is born in it's place. And every Blood moon a werewolf bite makes a werewolf, any other full moon a wer...

  • This fatal love [boyxboy] {teacherxstudent}
    59.7K 1.1K 13

    This is the story of a boy who falls in love with his teacher. And he falls hard. No matter what happens, will these two find love? Or will the universe succeed in tearing them apart. Read on to find out!

  • The Stripper Who Cried Wolf
    885K 10.3K 21

    Fawn is a beautiful stripper that hates her job, hates her family and hates her life. Jordan is an alpha werewolf and he's got his eyes on the fawn and ready to pounce...

  • Spoof Series 1: Twilight
    112K 2.1K 23

    Just another Twilight spoof thing...

  • WANTED: A Hot Wife
    130K 2.2K 4

    Xander had it all; money, good-looks, power and an endless supply of women to last him a lifetime. But what if his father gave him an ultimatum, one that would end his playboy lifestyle. He needed to find a wife in the next four months. If he failed, he would lose everything. He needed to find a wife... and fast.

  • Naruto characters...HERE?! ON EARTH?! ONE WORD! EPIC! (EDITING!)
    36.1K 925 41

    Sophie and her friends LOVE the naruto series, but...what happens when the naruto characters all come from their world to theirs? Will it all work out? will the naruo characters stay in their world? will they go back? will Sophie and her friends go with them back to their world, leaving everything behind? and what wil...

  • High School Scandal (A BoyxBoy Romantic Comedy)
    9.4M 141K 34

    EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Hot tempered and impulsive Derek James and Calm and composed Evan Staton has been best buds since the 3rd grade. Nicknamed the Two Musketeers in middle school, they went on to high school as well sought after popular guys. Still, Evan was the one who has gotten the most attention from...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Kidnapper says showering together is bonding. Yeah Right
    1M 7K 32

    Marlyn wakes up in a dark room chained and hurt. Two mysterious beautiful mean are her kipnapped. One good One Evil. She finds out that their Vampires and she just food for the Marcus the evil brother. She befriends the only human in this sick place and Deep down Shes trying to understand him and his reasons.

  • Yellow Cake and a Rose [boyxboy]
    413K 3.1K 25

    a boyxboy romance between a shy freshman, Will Couture, and a collected, cool headed senior, Khyber Graham. :DDDD

  • IN-WORLD ~ Book I ~ Vampyre Rising ~ by PJ Perry
    24.7K 146 40

    PJ Perry's 1st Novel of the 'In-World' series brings you Vampyre Rising, for adults only. What happens when life on your planet is threatened with extinction by meteor destruction? You go inside it of course using the planets molten core as a surrogate sun! Using the world's magic a new world is hollowed out inside of...

  • The Heir
    11.7M 149K 51

    For as long as Jessica can remember, she wanted to be a part of a family. She has never had a home, always on the run. And all of a sudden, her wish came true, she is sent to stay with her mom. But she convinced herself she hated them all, especially when she came to know her half siblings had not only the life she sh...

  • An arranged marriage to a vampire: Why Me?
    240K 2.3K 28

    I was told I was engaged to a vampire in exchange for my life being saved as a baby. Naturally I panicked but I decided to honor the agreement. I met him and we fell in love. You would think it would end happily after that. But what if after falling for each other, something terrible happened? Something that could je...

  • The Indentured Mistress of a 'Human'
    1.4M 13.6K 43

    Number 31 was bought immediately at the first auction by a guy named Nathan Walker, an 18 year old royal in need of a mistress. And so Number 31 was offered the chance at freedom on one of the "indenture" reserves; but at a horrible price. She must convince the political world that she is one of the "humans" and marry...